Koi ga Saku koro sakura doki VNDB

Translated Edited TLC QC
Common 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 0/8127 (0%)
Tina 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 0/8515 (0%)
Konami 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 0/7866 (0%)
Ann 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 0/8884 (0%)
Yuri 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 0/8967 (0%)
Mio 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 0/6898 (0%)
Total 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 0/49257 (0%)

Irotoridori no Sekai VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 9681/16150 (60%) 6523/16150 (40%) 0/16150 (0%)
Mio 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%)
Tsukasa 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%)
Kyou 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%)
Kana 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%)
Shinku 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%)
Total 9681/50663 (19%) 6523/50663 (13%) 0/50663 (0%)

AstralAir no Shiroki Towa VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 9701/9701 (100%) 9701/9701 (100%) 0/9701 (0%)
Ochiba 12812/12812 (100%) 12812/12812 (100%) 0/12812 (0%)
Ichika 7983/7983 (100%) 7983/7983 (100%) 0/7983 (0%)
Kotori 8548/8548 (100%) 8548/8548 (100%) 0/8548 (0%)
Rinne 7516/7516 (100%) 7516/7516 (100%) 0/7516 ( 0%)
Corona 7870/7870 (100%) 7870/7870 (100%) 0/7870 (0%)
Yuuki 10450/10450 (100%) 10450/10450 (100%) 0/10450 (0%)
Total 64880/64880 (100%) 64880/64880 (100%) 0/64880 (0%)


  • Schzarrs said:

    Keep going guys
    I personally love FAVORITE series like Hoshimemo and when i saw that you guys gonna translate astralair and iroseka, I cant do anything than looking forward to it, Ganbatte kudasai

  • Werewolf said:

    Can’t wait to play Koi ga Saku koro sakura doki !!!!

  • Killerknight said:


  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    Been silently watching PROGRESS and looking forward to all your projects! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Kaziek said:

    Really… Thanks guys!
    I can’t wait for all yours projects. especially SakuSaku. Keep going! (I have to clear Yuri route ;d)

  • ann said:

    seriously… i already waiting this patch from 2015 but why the patch still not done yet for koi ga saku koro sakura doki…!!?

    • Skrewball717 said:

      Because he essentially retranslated the entire VN after finishing the translation because of how much his style and understanding of English changed. Stop complaining about someone doing this sort of thing for free. Even with this delay he still will finished the VN quicker than most other fan translations projects do, heck most don’t even finish their projects in the first place. The only thing you have a right to say is “thank you for your hard work,” anything else is ungrateful BS.

      Oh and thanks for everything you do shinku

      • Kud said:

        people have a right to worry cause when there is a delay it usually means trouble (take LB Ex,Subahibi and Aokana for example).
        And since when a little complaining means being ungrateful?
        I’ll give all the thanks in the world when the project is finished

        • Denogenoz said:

          but please don’t rush them. it’s to make a better product. just wait until they post it 🙂

        • J-Rock said:

          It’s updated enough for you to see that it’s not dead though. -.-

  • Numeric said:

    wohooo, cant wait for sakusaku patch…

  • Denogenoz said:

    can’t wait for sakusaku next patch !!

  • Denogenoz said:

    by the way i wanna ask, why I can open Ann senpai Route ??

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    Looks like astral air won’t be too long before finished, only one more route! I am getting excited seeing the 20% since the June update! Thanks for all the hard work! You are awesome! I am starting to study Japanese, because it is a dream of mine to start a localization company! Do you have any tips for a total beginner who’s working towards fluency?

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    you are awesome, translating even when on vacation. Thanks for the hard work! Looking forward to all your works!

  • rizuki said:

    sugoi desuwa, please keep all of those hard work. even i just expect for astral air but we still expect the other one

  • Acronos said:

    Yeah cant wait for Koi ga Saku, just hitting every few hours F5, even i know he is on vaciation. QQ

  • Izumi Kirai said:

    I’m very hypee here, keep going guys. I’ll always wait for koisaku and astral air (y)

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    F*** Yes, astral air is now at 100% translated and edited 😉 Thanks for the hard work Chuee! Been looking forward to this one as much as SakuSaku!

  • Pheno said:

    I beg you to release Koi Saku first, god i´m waiting so long now :O

  • Mont said:

    AstralAir 100%… how do I download?

    • Alchemicalhaze said:

      Still have to wait for quality check, which could still take awhile.

  • G-chan said:

    I think the QC guys just trolling us by not reporting back after finishing their work

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    Does any one know were I can obtain a copy of these games? Usually I don’t have a problem finding Japanese visual novels on amazon.jp, but had no luck! I prefer physical over digital, Limited edition is nice too. Thank you.

  • G-chan said:

    SakuSaku just got licensed by Sekai.. fuq.

    • LP said:

      And they’re probably getting Irosekai and Astral Air, too. Dovac ruins everything once again.

      • G-chan said:

        And there’ll be MORE kickstarters and delays along the way too. Fan TL community will die out soon.

        • Kud said:

          You might as well say that is already the case….can you list any major FanTL titles released since the year started?
          Noble Works and Koichoco were from last year….

          • Kabu said:

            What is your problem? Every post I’ve seen you make has been something cruel or otherwise negative. As for the question we have Majikoi A-1, Koiken Otome will be done in the next few weeks, Koichocho and Noble Works from last year, techncally Dracu-Riot. There are a few others that are admittedly minor but fan tling is still very much alive, you’re just a downer.

          • Kud said:

            negative?i find others to have been way rooder than me but oh well…as i said complainings are completely allowed since it’s not “free” anymore and others have let loose their tongue way more than i did…and anyway A-1 it’s a fan-disc,koiken otome i’m not counting what is not released yet and who knows he might pull the sekai too….and koichoco and noble works as I SAID was last year
            And I said that anyone that is complaining right now would have done the same thing…..me included.
            I was defending the TL in that statement if that’s not clear…
            And if even if this thing get’s the OniRen status i’m not gonna be a “downer” for it,my philosophy is “if this sinks,go for the next one” and believe me,there are a tons of it

      • Jey Emill said:

        Does that mean that they cant release the patch anymore? I have a really vague understanding about licensing and all that but can i get a clear explanation as to why they cant upload the patch?

        • k said:

          Because it will be sold later for money…it Isn’t that hard to understand. I hate when Sekai does this, instead of going for untranslated titles they just hijack fan translated ones that are almost finished, alteast a hope the team is getting paid for their hard work.

  • GG said:

    Guess that explains all of your “vacations” and lack of progress in QC in over 2 months.

    • G-chan said:

      If it’ll take longer than a month for Sekai to release a finshed product, I’ll probably pirate it.

  • Tracker said:

    Plz tell me that you are releasing the patch despite the news from sekai project

    • G-chan said:

      Prolly not, cuz Sekai will use this Fan TL for their release.

      • Jey Emill said:

        Are you absolutely certain of that? Or are you just saying that cuz they did the same thing with Clockwork?

        • G-chan said:

          Decay from Fuwanovel asked the guys from Sekai himself so it’s confirmed.

  • #riot #wtfsekai #why?

  • erohei said:

    what is QC?

  • A cat said:

    Still here <3 from the start ~

  • Hikage255 said:

    so are you guys still doing Favorites games or is Sekai stealing that too

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    Are you back to working on Irotoridori no Sekai? Just curious because you said you would work on it after Hoshimemo. I could understand if you wanted to take little brake, like I said, I am just curious.

    • Chuee said:

      Still doing finishing touches on Hoshimemo, and probably will be for the next month. After that we have something short (not IroSeka) lined up which will probably take us a month or two.

      • Ice Cold said:

        Just to clarify and make sure I’ve got the story straight. HoshiMemo and this short one are commissioned work (well, in conjunction with a publisher) but IroSeka is just a labour of love side project and the initial reason you formed this translation team.

        I’m not too in the know with the scene so I dont know the down sides, but would it not be worth pitching the project to a publisher. If earning money for your translation time is the issue (especially with the scale of the project with iroseka and potentially it’s “fandisk” too) then it shouldnt be too hard of a sell to a publisher with its popularity.

        Sure it’s not one of the most followed series like some others that have been translated before and have anime adaptations. It is however one of the top rated no VNDB for years and it can ride on the rising popularity of favourite.

        I understand if a publisher will push deadlines and interfere with the project, resulting in a final product you’re not proud of. It would however give motivation and mean we as a community get it faster. I guess that’s the tradeoff. Your input on this would be great to hear!

        • Chuee said:

          As has been mentioned before, we are interested in getting it licensed and have looked into it.

  • izik1 said:

    Sorry if this seems impatient, but is there a ‘progress’ report on AstralAir? Nothing has been said about it in a while

    • Chuee said:

      Stalled for now. If it’s released it’ll be officially.

      • Bloody hell said:

        Wow, didn’t see that coming.

      • Me said:

        Yeah, me and quite a lot of other called it. At least it won’t be a censored and bastardized (localized) version, right? I don’t mind buying it, but if I need to wait several months for the complete game like with Grisaia no Meikyuu, then I have no intention on buying it at all. So please make sure not to produce shit if you are getting paid for it.

        • akerou said:

          Not that we can guarantee anything at this point, but these sort of things often hinge on the devs, so I’d say it’s only reasonable to expect–if astralair gets an official release–that it’ll get the same treatment as hoshimemo (meaning Steam/18+ versions).

          I can also assure you that at least *our* Steam versions are in no way “bastardized.” We went through some extensive effort to make hoshimemo’s steam version as organic as possible, only cutting what really can’t be shown on steam and keeping as much as (relevant) dialogue as possible. I’d go as far as saying it actually offers the better experience since a lot of the h-scenes are pretty random and can be quite jarring, but that’s obviously something everyone can decide for themselves.

  • Darkau said:

    Hi Akerou,

    Just saw the new regarding Astral Air. You mentionned last year that you would release your translation this year. Why this sudden change? Is there a problem with the translation? Or did you give up on the free release and waiting for a publisher to buy your translation?

    • Chuee said:

      That was meant as an estimate, not a concrete release schedule. And secondly, no, it won’t ever be released as a free patch.

      • Darkau said:

        I guessed right you won’t release anything unless a publisher buy your translation. But why are you avoiding this subject? Is asking the reason too much? Is it just a matter of money? I am asking because I followed you from the start and the change is so sudden that it’s somehow hard to accept…

        • Alchemicalhaze said:

          They wont release a fan patch because Sekai Project has a partnership with favorite, which could mean 1 of three things: 1. They are respecting SP’s partnership with favorite, so decided not to make a patch. 2. It was in their contract that they cant release anything thats produced by any of their partners. 3. Sekai already has the license to Astral Air, and they are under a Confidentiality agreement. Please note that if they do have a licence, A leak of that info could screw the whole deal, it has happened with other publishers, so we won’t know until the deal is set in stone. (NOTE: I have no affiliation with Shinko Translations or Sekai Project, this post is just an educated guess)

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    For any one who is wondering, SakuSaku is supposed to be released on denpasoft and steam this friday (8/25/2017). I am pretty excited!

  • Bond said:

    Sooo I’m kinda confused.
    More like very confused.

    I’m back here after a year and some, and I sorta can’t figure out what’s going on with the progress nor what’s still advancing or has been put on hold.
    Anybody kind enough to enlighten me?
    Every time I try reading the updates I just mix them all up and can’t figure out anything >.>

    Thanks in advance 😀

    (Mostly interested in IroSeka and AstralAir, but don’t hold back if you know more!)

    • Skrewball717 said:

      IroSeka is on hold while the team is working on other official projects.

      Astral Air is finished, but they will not be releasing a public patch and are instead waiting for a company to come and localize the game/buy their TL.

      SakuSaku is coming out officially this Friday on steam and Denpa

      • Ronnie21093 said:

        I feel like they should see about offering MangaGamer they TL for Astral Air instead of waiting for someone to decide to come and pick it up. There is no guarantee of someone coming to pick it up if they don’t contact companies to offer it. (And why did I mention MangaGamer specifically? Because JAST can be a bit slow, and I do not like how Sekai Project has a bad habit of turning visual novels with 18+ only releases into All-Ages releases.)

        • Alchemicalhaze said:

          The whole reason they stalled the patch on astral air is because Sekai Project became partners with Favorite, So if someone picks it up, it will most likely be Sekai Project.

  • asdfasddg said:

    So uh, what is going on with sakusaku now? It’s a week overdue with nothing meaningful on sekai’s site or twitter about what the hold up is

    • kiabee21 said:

      Were talking about Delay project here. they have shitty service and they buy fan translators.

  • Aroduc's spook said:

    Don’t expect SP to buy your TL now. Various people emailed FAVORITE about the botched HoshiMemo release, so most likely SP wont be getting a license for another of their games. It is sad, but it’s better to release it as a patch.

  • Klonosz said:

    I really wish i could read those two visual novels, from what i heard they a fantastic and based on hosimemo’s story i have high hopes about these two.

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