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All right, here it is. One or the other thing might still need a little polishing, but personally, I think it’s pretty nice. Should you guys have any suggestions, we’d appreciate it if you let us in on those.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, a short disclaimer first. From now on – as in contrast to before – you’ll get more detailed, but instead monthly updates that will cover all of our projects at once. Another important notice in this connection is, that’ll be also hosting the AstralAir project on this website, which is managed by one of our team members, Chuee.

And now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to our first item on the agenda: SakuSaku. Click here to see the chart.


As you can see, I’m done with Mio and started to work on Konami. I’m slightly behind on schedule, but this is because I decided to start to concurrently work on IroSeka again. Working 10h+ a day on SakuSaku seriously made my brain get mushy. IroSeka is giving me a nice change of pace, so I’m currently putting roughly 4 hours into each project every day and I’m doing really good. I still believe that I’ll be done with my TLC pass by the end of March since I expect Ann’s and Yuri’s route to go a lot faster. Finalizing Mio’s route was honestly a real pain in the ass since there were lots and lots of stylistic changes I had to apply.

Next up is IroSeka. Click here to see the chart.


The progress you can see in the table amounts to another Chapter, namely Chapter 2, having been translated by me. It’s hard to describe without ending up sounding like some fanboy (which I am. All hail Shinku!), but boy, it’s so much more fun to work on IroSeka than on SakuSaku. I had days where I was literally laughing my ass off nonstop because of how hilarious certain parts were, which lead to equally great English lines. Personally, I even think that we managed to highlight some nuances even better than the original script did. My goal for March is to get Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 done, which are roughly 3000 lines together.

Also… Like I already said a month ago or something, I’m also going to post reviews and other posts in the future. For the time being, you can expect a detailed IroSekai review from me some time this month. I know there are some reviews out there already, but there aren’t many English IroHikari reviews out there, which I’m also going to cover. I don’t know whether I’ll split it up in two reviews or not just yet. I can also already tell you that said IroSeka review is going to be pretty long since I’ll be going pretty in-depth; spoilers will be appropriately hidden and accessible for those who have either read the game, or don’t mind spoilers. IroSeka is a very complex work and to be honest, I’m a little salty about the fact that some people talk about the game without even comprehending the multitude of intertwined sub-layers the game harbors.

Last but not least, we have AstralAir. Chuee is going to write those himself, so he’s going to get his own section in our update posts for that.

Chuee’s Update

Oha, everyone. So basically, all progress and stuff from AstralAir will be moving from the old site to here. Click here to see the chart.


Even though things will be monthly on here, I’ll still update weekly through tweeter. Translation-wise, things’ll be going a bit slowly for the next month or two as the translator, SupremeTentacle, is busy with school. After that though, things should pick back up and the translation should complete sometime during the  summer.

As for editing, uh, the progress doesn’t list it (yet) but it’s at the same percentage as translation. Besides that, I’ve also started another pass on the entire game to smooth everything out and finalize terminology. I’m currently about 1/4th of the way through Ochiba’s route. FAVORITE is apparently hoping to get the fandisk for this game out sometime this year (which will be called AstralAir no Aoki Towa, you can quote me on this), so I’m most likely going to hold off on finishing the final pass of the true route until I complete the fandisk. That’s all for this month. Also as a courtesy, I’ve included a rare Albireo for your viewing pleasure.



  • xNew_g@ said:

    Hey congrats on getting a new page! plus there’s new progress! This makes it easier to see updates on both teams! I Give my thanks to you guys.

  • A join site for Favorite project I like it. I’m hoping for a good speed for KoiSaku so that I can get to IroSekai faster.

    I might sound like someone that nag too much but I hope that we will get a patch even if it only cover Common route.

  • Dasuu said:

    New website I like the merging of both favorite projects in one website \o/ Very nice theme looks cleaner than the previous one, header changing every few sec is also nice. Keep it up. Favorite best!

    A bit off topic here, but are you planning on translating previous favorite titles when all current projects (including IroSekai sequels/fandisc) are done?

    • Chuee said:

      As in Happy Margaret and Wiz Anniversary? Probably not. Those two aren’t nearly as popular as the titles they’ve made afterwards. People would probably tell you they’re not as good too, but I haven’t played them so I can’t say anything.

      • Dasuu said:

        Yep those two, a shame, it looked interesting seeing it on a raw magazine. and yeah want to check it for myself too so can’t really comment on those two whether they’re good or not, those being a bit old is not an issue for me though maybe for other people it is? so can’t really say.

        Anyway thanks for the reply and i hope to see more Marimo from you! 😀

    • akerou said:

      Like chuee said, those are mostly uninteresting. There is hardly anything about those titles favorite is known for now. The writing is a mess of multiple writers with Nakahiro only being an assistant writer for happy margaret with Urushibara Yukito not even in the picture. Art is also done by unknown artists with GT and Shida only being very little involved. And in terms of OST, no shinobu.

      I wouldn’t call those titles bad per se, but there’s absolutely nothing special about them. There are many, many more VNs on my list I’d like to work on and favorite’s early titles are definitely not on that list.

      • Dasuu said:

        I see, I think I understand now why those titles are not really special or well known. first off like you said different writers, artist and for the OST no Shinobu, i can see the huge improvement on art in Hoshimemo and OST of course since it is shinobu, writing is great since it is Nakahiro. Oh well, i’m interested in them cause they’re also a part of Favorite’s titles I mean you know being a fan of them :P. With that said, I’m interested in seeing your future works, I know you can’t mention titles yet but that can wait. Good luck and keep up the good work on your current projects also Chuee!

  • Zeross said:

    Damn you had me scared for a second . I loaded the site on my phone and only seen the one block text of the previews of the post.
    Generally when you load a site about fan stuff and only see one block of text it mean bad news.

    Glad to see you are advancing smoothly and to see the new site ! Good luck !

  • Anthony Ortega Araya said:

    Wow what a really nice change, all the projects together feels kinda nice IDK more lively if you want, well as always I’m just wanna say thank you for all the hard work (10 hours on SakuSaku? my eyes would be bleeding in no time).
    Wish you the best regardless of the progress, stay healthy and don’t skip meals.

  • bas said:

    Nice to see both projects I’m interested in and checked weekly.
    Only reason I checked the KoiSaku site was for Iroseka.

    But why Shinku translations??? Even that Marimo girl looks like a better character than her.

    • akerou said:

      blasphemy! There is no better girl than Shinku, and this is someone who read over 300 VNs speaking.

      Besides, the word “shinku” itself can be written in different ways, which results in rather fitting double meanings.

    • Dasuu said:

      Shinku best!

  • Lolicon said:

    I like lolis.

  • Congrats on the new website, and all the progress! You’re spending an impressive amount of time working on this each day, so take care not to burn out!

    • akerou said:

      as long as I have shinku, there is no danger of burning out!

  • Fraiziar said:

    you wouldnt happen to have a tool for repacking and unpacking all of palletes games would you? Mashiroiro symphony has gone untranslated for a long time and I was looking to possibly rectify that.

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