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Whoops, kinda let Monday slip by without making an update post. I apologize. I feel like this month’s featured image is a more or less accurate representation of me throughout April. My new semester has begun in April, so I couldn’t really work on IroSeka unfortunately, but at the very least, I’m done with TLC now.

Anyhow, here’s the updated chart for SakuSaku. Click here to see the chart.

Koi ga Saku koro sakura doki VNDB

Translated Edited TLC QC
Common 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 0/8127 (0%)
Tina 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 0/8515 (0%)
Konami 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 0/7866 (0%)
Ann 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 0/8884 (0%)
Yuri 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 0/8967 (0%)
Mio 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 0/6898 (0%)
Total 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 0/49257 (0%)
So I suppose you want to know what happens next and well, as the progress chart suggests, it’s time for QC/proofreading, which is really just having several people of our team (+ trusted others) read through the whole game to fix typos etc.

I know that you’re all eager to finally get to read the game, and I too want to get it out as soon as possible; I mean, the plan had been to be done by the end of last year… However, having gone that extra mile to thoroughly TLC everything definitely paid off. As I said before, it isn’t just about careless mistakes here and there, my TL style has changed so vastly since I started translating, it didn’t sit well with me to release something I know I wouldn’t do this way at present. Anyhow, we’re almost there.

Let’s move on to IroSeka… though, as I said, there’s been literally no progress. Click here to see the chart.

Irotoridori no Sekai VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 4301/16150 (27%) 4301/16150 (27%) 0/16150 (0%)
Mio 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%)
Tsukasa 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%)
Kyou 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%)
Kana 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%)
Shinku 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%)
Total 4301/50663 (8%) 4301/50663 (8%) 0/50663 (0%)
This is actually quite frustrating. Translating Chapter 3 was really fun. It has a major info dump with lots of intricate explanations and translating that kind of stuff is extremely engaging. The more challenging it is, the better you feel when you actually pull it off. That said, – if I do say so myself – the result is pretty awesome. So yeah, I was basically itching to move on to Chapter 4 this whole time… At any rate, hopefully I’ll get around to it this month. Fortunately, even in the worst-case scenario, I’ll finally be able to fully focus on IroSeka starting next month.

Chuee’s Update

Click here to see the chart.

AstralAir no Shiroki Towa VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 9701/9701 (100%) 9701/9701 (100%) 0/9701 (0%)
Ochiba 12812/12812 (100%) 12812/12812 (100%) 0/12812 (0%)
Ichika 7983/7983 (100%) 7983/7983 (100%) 0/7983 (0%)
Kotori 8548/8548 (100%) 8548/8548 (100%) 0/8548 (0%)
Rinne 7516/7516 (100%) 7516/7516 ( 100%) 0/7516 ( 0%)
Corona 1430/7870 (18.17%) 1430/7870 (18.17%) 0/7870 (0%)
Yuuki 690/10,450 (6.18%) 690/10450 (6.18%) 0/10450 (0%)
Total 48677/64880 (75.03%) 48677/64880 (75.03%) 0/64880 (0%)

Hello everyone.

Since last month I don’t think there’s been a ton of progress. Apologies for no update this recent week, ST was apparently dragged off to China without prior notice… That sounds like fun. Anyways, if you hadn’t heard, a few weeks back FAVORITE finally announced the fandisk for AstralAir as well as a Vita version. The fandisk has no set release date yet, but the Vita version is slated to release this September. I’ll avoid talking about the fandisk information too much because ~spoilers~ but needless to say I’m pretty interested to see what they do with it based on the plot summary. One of the most interesting tidbits about the Vita announcement is that they say there’s “new scenarios” planned, and they list an entirely new 3rd writer, which makes me believe the “new scenarios” are actual added routes instead of bonus scenes (Hinata route plz). Well, anyways, that’s about it for this month. sd046

Until next month~


  • ivo911 said:

    Thank you for your work 😛 And good luck at your new semester haha ^.^

  • merp said:

    Thanks for all your hard work so far. Looking forward to the patch and good luck at your new semester 🙂

  • Dasuu said:

    Thanks for the update! and yes for the added routes, also, dat Mare pic xD

  • G-chan said:

    the question is… can I be one of them trusted others?

  • Remu said:

    Thanks a lot. good to know you are putting so much effort into this.

  • Jim said:

    I guess it will be another six months until it is actually released. I know you are only volunteering to make this patch and that you are doing us a favor by making it, but you could have released a beta patch or something along those lines. You released another patch with two routes and there was plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes in that patch, so why are you being different with the completed one? If you didn’t care about a few mis-spelled words in the other patch, why be so obsessive compulsive disorder over it now?

    99% of the people waiting for your patch wouldn’t care about a few mistakes. You could have released this long ago. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • Youko said:

      In fact it does make sense. they have worked around two years now to release this patch and that seems to be what you don’t understand. If you had put that much work into a project would you want to just release it knowing that knowing that there are few enough glaring errors that they won’t prevent people from enjoying the game? that would have been the result of just releasing it after the edited pass. Instead they want spend an extra couple months, less than a twelfths of the amount of time they have invested in this project, to release something that flows well and is basically error free, something they can be proud of. invest that much time in a project and you want it to be something that you can be proud of, not just something that was “good enough”. Not that I would object if they did decide to release one more trial patch that we could all read through for errors before they released the final version, there are a couple of routes I really look forward to reading.

      • Kud said:

        the delay is reaching the half a year mark and depending on QC (re-reading a whole 30 hour game is tough) it might not make it for summer.
        I’m not criticizing,I’m grateful but let’s be frank…

        • emem said:

          Absolutely I agree kud. Almost half year and still there is nothing. I really grateful but let’s be fair. I hope you guys prove ım wrong…

  • Some Guy said:

    Grateful for your efforts, hope the semester goes well.

  • ryan said:

    I am pumped for sakusaku release.

    I’m hoping that you guys will finish the project by June.

    Amazing speed, keep up the good work!

  • Daniel said:

    Thanks for your work guys 🙂 Keep it up

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