June Update


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I’m so proud of me, I didn’t forget the update this time. Anyhow, first of all, let me state that I’ll be on vocation in Spain from the 10th of June until the 24th of June, so it’s very likely that I won’t get much done this month, or at least not as much as I could.

By the way, this month’s featured image has no special meaning, it’s just a random snippet out of the daily life of one of the most freewheeling, random characters in existence.

Moving on, I don’t have anything exciting or nice concerning SakuSaku for you. The proofreading/QC is in progress, but some of us are busy with work, on vocation etc. so most aren’t done with their test pass yet. On that note, I’m basically saying it every month, but since some people still keep going on about it, I’ll say it again: Yes, we could release the whole thing as is. Yes, most people would be satisfied with the result and hardly anyone would complain. However, please try to understand that I’ve put roughly 2500 hours of time into just translation, that doesn’t entail the TLC and all the time I had to invest due to technical challenges that needed to be attended to. The time needed for polishing is relatively small in comparison, but is capable of raising the quality of experience remarkably. Going this extra mile is definitely worth it.

So yeah, it’s the same chart as last month, but here you go anyway. Click here to see the chart.

Koi ga Saku koro sakura doki VNDB

Translated Edited TLC QC
Common 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 0/8127 (0%)
Tina 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 0/8515 (0%)
Konami 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 0/7866 (0%)
Ann 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 0/8884 (0%)
Yuri 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 0/8967 (0%)
Mio 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 0/6898 (0%)
Total 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 0/49257 (0%)

With that out of the way, on to Iroseka. Click here to see the chart.

Irotoridori no Sekai VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 6523/16150 (40%) 4301/16150 (27%) 0/16150 (0%)
Mio 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%)
Tsukasa 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%)
Kyou 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%)
Kana 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%)
Shinku 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%)
Total 6523/50663 (13%) 4301/50663 (8%) 0/50663 (0%)
It was only the last half of May when I started working on IroSeka again since there was still some minor SakuSaku stuff I needed to finish beforehand, so that makes ~2000 lines in the course of two weeks. My plan is to go with that kind of pacing, resulting in 4000-5000 lines a month. My first short term goal is to finish up the common route by August.

Anyhow, that’s it from me. Until next month~

Chuee’s Update

Click here to see the chart.

AstralAir no Shiroki Towa VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 9701/9701 (100%) 9701/9701 (100%) 0/9701 (0%)
Ochiba 12812/12812 (100%) 12812/12812 (100%) 0/12812 (0%)
Ichika 7983/7983 (100%) 7983/7983 (100%) 0/7983 (0%)
Kotori 8548/8548 (100%) 8548/8548 (100%) 0/8548 (0%)
Rinne 7516/7516 (100%) 7516/7516 (100%) 0/7516 ( 0%)
Corona 5542/7870 (70.42%) 5542/7870 (70.42%) 0/7870 (0%)
Yuuki 690/10,450 (6.18%) 690/10450 (6.18%) 0/10450 (0%)
Total 52789/64880 (81.36%) 52789/64880 (81.36%) 0/64880 (0%)

Good day.

Well as far as progress goes that’s pretty simple. Things are moving. So your update is, uh, progress is moving. Basically. Not much more to say other than there’s about 1200 more lines in Corosuke’s route atm. As a parting gift I’ll give you this skintight space suit.



  • Double D said:

    Now taking bets on which will finish first: Koiken Otome or this?

    • ryan said:

      I think koiken first because sakusaku seems to be stagnant for the last couple of weeks. Then he’s saying he’s going to have a vacation to Spain until the end of June. (@akerou, post some pics later from Spain will ya? :D)

      Meanwhile koiken is progressing slowly but surely every week.

      • Lite said:

        You Know Tortoise VS the hare…

      • akerou said:

        again, me being on vocation will have no influence on sakusaku progress. It’s not me doing the proofreading, and it’s not me who will be going through the qc/proofreading reports to apply the suggested fixes either. It’s precisely because there is nothing left for me to do why I’m now working on Iroseka.

    • Godskrieg said:

      I come from the future. Koiken Otome will definitely be released first.

  • Klei said:

    …been waitin’ at the front of my laptop for a very long time. And this what came up? I thought today was the the releases of the SakuSaku’s full patch ToT (NAILED IT, I WASTED A LOT OF MY TIME) *cryin

    Regreting aside, good luck with your daily basis guys! I’m hoping the truly release of the SakuSaku’s patch next month! 😀

    • Kud said:

      read something else.
      there is a ton of other romantic vns out there already translated (truly a lot!).
      don’t be too much focused on only one and let some other slip you up (i consider myself an expert but even i might have missed a couple).
      Symphonic Rain,Koi iro chu lips,Katahane,Canvas 2,Hoshizora no Memoria,Brass Restoration,To Heart 2,Shinigami no Kiss,One Kagayaku Kisetsu e,If My Heart Had Wings are just a few examples.

      • Klei said:

        You r8 mate, but as you can see that the truth is I am not a VN reader expert… How should i put this? Oh yeah! it called Moegalge (Moege i guess?). I like a VN that has such as nice graphic and school life tag also a there’s a slight or better comedy in it… I like SakuSaku, Very Very like it. I got stuck in Yuri route :’D which hasn’t been translated.

        Aside that, I checked all of your suggestion mate! Oh my God some of them did draw my attention, thank you very much for the suggestions!

  • Skrewball717 said:

    I would expect it sometime in July as they will be able to finish reading through SakuSaku in June and do whatever minor fixes late June/Early July. Again thanks for your hard work and enjoy Spain.

  • You-kun said:

    I thought QC was just reading story once more so I thought it would be released after 2-3 weeks later your May post. It seems I am mistaken. If possible could you delay your progress of Irosekai until sakusaku released? I don’t want to sakusaku stalled further because of it.

    • akerou said:

      Proofreading isn’t in my hands, so whether I work on IroSeka or not, that won’t make the sakusaku patch come out sooner or later.

  • Cloudianaire said:

    Hey, as long as you don’t delete it (like another translator did… >.>), I will wait (please put it out before I’m dead :])

    • akerou said:

      I hope you don’t honestly believe that “accidentally deleted” story since not being able to get files back after deleting them is quite literally impossible unless you only had one local copy on your hard disc, which you then formatted afterwards. And in our case, even if I did accidentally delete files and I really couldn’t restore them, it still wouldn’t be a problem since I’m keeping multiple backups…

      • Kud said:

        i have my doubts as well (i’m not going to share my thoughts here cause it’s not related…)
        but anyway isn’t this site affiliated with that group?

        • akerou said:

          Because of the link? I only put the link there ages ago because originalren also linked our page. Should probably remove it now. We aren’t affiliated with them in any way.

          • Cloudianaire said:

            I have faith in you. Enjoy your life! This is a hobby not a job :]

  • G-chan said:

    It’s so close, yet so far. Testers, why aren’t you finished by now? C’mon… AREN’T YOU HYPED FOR THIS GLORIUS VN? IF YOU ARE, READ FASTER YOU LIL PIGGIES

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