July Update & Plans


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Okay guys, some of you may or may not have already anticipated this development, and regardless whether you personally like it or not, I’d at least like you to read this post before you form a definite opinion about it.

First of all, for those of you who haven’t heard the news, there won’t be a fan-translation patch for SakuSaku, but instead, it has turned out the game will be officially released on both Steam and Denpasoft by Sekai Project. Needless to say, we’re collaborating with Sekai Project in this regard. I want you to know, however, that we didn’t do any deliberate stalling at all. The state of progress I’ve been reporting reflects the real state of things and we still aren’t completely done as yet. I don’t want to waste words on explaining why official localisations are in fact the best thing that can happen for both the teams working on titles, and readers alike; that should be clear enough anyway, and that has nothing to do with the fact that some of you were clearly anticipating a release this month while I wasn’t able to lay things on the line, which is the one thing I feel like I must apologize for. It’s a big relief to be finally able to talk openly about everything.

However, while I’m sure that many are disappointed about the fact that they’ll have to wait a bit longer until they can read SakuSaku, there’s also a bright side to all of this. Us working together with Sekai Project will not be a one-time thing; while I can’t talk any details at this point, you may look forward to other titles we’ll be working on. Of course, I’ll also keep working on IroSeka concurrently with a pace of 4000-5000 lines a month. So far–except some periods where I was pushing things for a couple weeks–I’ve been translating for 2-3 hours a day, which amounts to the aforementioned 4000-5000 lines a month. Now, however, I’ll have the option to put more time into translation because we’ll actually get paid for our work. This means more titles for you, which is–being a big visual novel fan myself–something I’m very happy about.

Anyhow, all this means for you is, you’ll have to remain patient for a few months longer and in the meantime, you can look forward to hearing more news from us. Feel free to ask me any sort of questions you have, I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Alright, moving on to the actual updates. The chart for SakuSaku is still the same, but there you go for those who’d like to see it. Click here to see the chart.

Koi ga Saku koro sakura doki VNDB

Translated Edited TLC QC
Common 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 0/8127 (0%)
Tina 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 0/8515 (0%)
Konami 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 0/7866 (0%)
Ann 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 0/8884 (0%)
Yuri 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 0/8967 (0%)
Mio 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 0/6898 (0%)
Total 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 0/49257 (0%)
However, this is not to say that there was no progress at all. At this point, I have received the reports of 2/3 of our proof readers, so that’s only one of them left.

Next on the list is IroSeka. Click here to see the chart.

Irotoridori no Sekai VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 8526/16150 (53%) 6523/16150 (40%) 0/16150 (0%)
Mio 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%)
Tsukasa 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%)
Kyou 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%)
Kana 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%)
Shinku 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%)
Total 8526/50663 (17%) 6523/50663 (13%) 0/50663 (0%)
Pretty much the exact progress I projected last month. It’s, of course, less than it usually should be the case since I was on vacation for two weeks, so you can expect faster progress from now on.

Well, that’s all from me for the time being. Until next month~


  • Yautja said:

    Not going to lie, I’m terribly disappointed in you and that you turned over to Sekai Project, because frankly, I see little to no advantage, at least for the readers. SP translations always end up poor and with multiple scenes cut ;). That said, you had ever right to do so, and at least you didn’t pull an OriginalRen and lie to us and run away. That’s some consolation at least.

    • Kud said:

      well technically there was some little lying such as we’re only doing QC,we’re close to releasing and so on….to be frank,FanTL is dead at this point and i really hoped that this project would have proved me wrong….SK,MG and steam are taking everything….at least now we can complain freely since it’s not “free” anymore….but let’s not be too hard,everyone in his position would have done the same,as a reader i’m only sad cause FanTLing is dying…

      • FoRtIsS146 said:

        Who say’s It’s not free?

        Most of the VN’s that’s released in STEAM do have a “Crack” that Bypass STEAM Registration :3

        Internet after all… just look around and you can get them for FREE!

    • akerou said:

      Scenes being cut out when you do an all-ages port is normal; the same happens when games get psv ports in Japan. If you don’t want a game with cut out content, all you have to do is read the unrated version.

      If you think about it, fan translating is always bound to die eventually. You saw it with anime, you see it with light novels. Fan translating comes into existence because the content in question isn’t accessible to an audience with demand; and that very premise gets dismantled once it becomes officially accessible. This is in fact by all means a good thing, not a bad one.

      And let’s be honest, most people don’t specifically import games to “support” the developers. It’s only localisations that really support the developers and give them their deserved recognition. Even if I leave my own aspirations out of the equation, I don’t see how it’s in any way justifiable to not seek opportunities in this regard.

      There were some things I simply couldn’t openly state due to the NDA I’ve signed, but I believe I’ve been as honest as I can and I hope you can have some understanding.

      • ReekaPeen said:

        Keep up the good work Akerou 🙂 In due time, everything is going to make sense to everyone who is having their doubts about localisations and how translation is going to proceed. there will always be pros and cons especially with the consumers. Just don’t lose heart. You’re doing a great job. You’re no OriginalRen

  • MaxelFX said:

    You should’ve just put the project on hiatus, instead of lying/denying that you’re not working with SP. That’s all I have to say, good luck.

    • akerou said:

      I believe I never stated that we weren’t working with SP. And, I figured there was no need to put the project on hiatus as long as we aren’t done yet anyway. Fortunately, I knew early enough that it’ll be announced before we’ll be done with everything, so carrying on with things as per usual was the best option in my eyes.

  • littleshogun said:

    I knew that this is your choice to license it. But, if I may ask, will you also license AstralAir later or not (Sorry to be blunt here)? If you want to know why fan was so salty (I’d actually dislike to read some salty comment here) when some fan tl was license, because usually the company will delay the release ie long, while usually fan translated will resulted in quick release. I’d realize that in regard of fan translation that was grey zone ie illegal here. Anyway, one thing that I appreciate that at least you didn’t like OriginalRen here, which while the reason for his action that he want to get less attention understandable, let’s just said his way was definitely infamous.

    • akerou said:

      I can’t make any explicit statements, but the facts at hand should give you a fair idea on which titles we may or may not do.

      I understand saltiness that stems from delays; point in case, it’ll be a couple months until SakuSaku will be released. However, this is only something that happens when companies pick up games that are already almost completely done. With titles that are localized in collaboration from the start, you can in fact expect much faster releases. As I said, whether you get paid for what you do or not makes a huge difference on the time you can spend working on translation; I can’t conjure the money I need for living, which naturally limits time.

  • noname said:

    Already have the jp version… wonderful, now I’ll need to pay again.

    • Slay said:

      I feel ya mate. Now I feel like an idiot for buying this one beforehand

  • cardragoon said:

    If it means more translated VNs after Sakusaku and IroSeka, then I’m totally fine with this. I’ve immensely enjoyed reading the already translated parts from the sakusaku partial patch and would love to read the rest of the routes as well.

    My only concern would be the usual problem regarding official western translations and censorship that often occur with it, Hopefully, this won’t be affected at all by that.

  • Zeross said:

    Meh so another project that will end up in all age butchered version that is “better” because it’s “official “:/
    And people still really think that it’s a good thing like what happened to if my heart had wings for r example …

    That why I think fan tl should remain hidden until it’s done to avoid that

    And it’s not a question of supporting the creators or whatever, if they want money gimme a bank account to transfer money to and I’ll be happy to do so, it’s about quality. Steam vn = crap that is all previous experience said. I hope at least we will have an alternative TL to an uncut version or some kinda restoration patch..,


    • Kabu said:

      If my Heart had Wings was a once in a lifetime thing. Not every company is as terrible as Moenovel. In fact most all-ages versions keep the original story intact with just changing things up the events leading towards the h-scenes.

    • akerou said:

      no worries, there will be an unrated version as well.

      • Oily said:

        Yeah but the unrated version does not get priority when it comes to Sekai… Even if a possible physical disc, we can forget about the unrated being on there…. This news irks me bad because it is Sekai and not a better company like MangaGamer or JAST.

  • Why are they picking in progress project though? I’m at least happy they pick Baldr Sky but why they chose title such as HoshiMemo and now SakuSaku?

  • Kabu said:

    Now, speaking for myself while I’m more than a little disappointed that I’ll have to wait a bit longer for SakuSaku, and as much as I dislike SP right now as a result, I’m willing to wait. I’ve got a backlog that I need to get through anyways, and besides it’s just the appetizer. What I’m more excited for is Iroseka. Hoshimemo is my favorite VN so I already know that I can trust Favorite and Iroseka looks even better than it.

    So with that said, keep up the good work.

  • Freestyle said:

    you put your time tling it, so u guys can do w/e the fck u want with it lol

    idk why some people are complaining, people should have gotten used to waiting for VN tls anyway, most of them takes years, a few months is nothing

  • Oily said:

    With the news of Aokana going down and this going to SP my least liked VN company… So uh is IroSeka also picked up?

    • Oily said:

      Well since my question about IroSekai wasn’t answered and seemingly ignored I am going to assume this too has been picked up or is being pitched to be picked up. So a HUGE WARNING for those looking to buy this game and would also include AstralAir as well. Otherwise you’ll end up like some of the poor folks in the post above and below my comment who wasted their money on a game they may not (fully) be able to read and that’s a sh*tty feeling.

      • akerou said:

        Sorry, but what do you expect? It should be more than obvious that *we* for one are interested in getting IroSeka licensed. Other than that, there’s nothing I can tell you; I can’t see into the future, this is ultimately SP and Favorite’s decision to make.

        • Oily said:

          To let VN players not spend their money? And also to not let people get their hopes up waiting on a patch which is the point of my post. I am in agreement with the people above that you and your team can do what you want as it is your hard work and get paid for it is a even better despite going to Sekai. A bit of transparency about the other titles your team been working on and the pursuit to grab and get paid for those towards an official license for the hard work there instead of stringing us along on the announcements for those.

          I just do not understand making an announcement to the community on the fan patch and just dangling it there without being straight forward on the groups intention to go official and letting it be known. A simple heads up, low key as possible if need be ‘cuz I’m sure it’s a big deal for these VN companies to create hype with the announcements. The community does not need more groups doing those kind of things like with Rance and so on, not all of us are masochists and I’m certainty not one.

          • KiriyaAoi said:

            I don’t think you really understand how this stuff works. I’m sure that SP made them sign an NDA (actually, he stated in an above comment that he did) which would mean they are legally obligated to NOT say anything until the NDA is lifted, which I assume, is when this blog post was written. Also, all of the unrated versions I’ve seen have not had content cut. The all ages versions on steam, yes, for obvious reasons. But the unrated versions are the full thing.

  • nox said:

    I’m totally feel like idiot right now when i heard this game move to qc state i’m buying jp version of this game and i’m patiently waiting for full translate and now this lol

  • Kaziek said:

    I bought Jp version specially for this patch… I’m really disappointed. Anyone know if there will be 18+ version, not All ages which would be total disaster for me…?

  • Denogenoz said:

    to be honest, I really disappointed with you guys. first…know I have to buy from steam and Second, I felt like an idiot who always check your update every days and know this is the result.
    I hope you can give us or email the rest patch for us …. and i know that’s your right to collab with SP. but, it really frustrating to wait again and spend amount of money….

    • Chuee said:

      It’s being released on denpasoft as well, so there’s nobody forcing you to buy the steam version.

  • GG said:

    When it didn’t release last year I figured you guys would just end up going around trying to get it picked up by someone. Good to know I was right.

  • You-kun said:

    Lol, there was me thinking “why mere QC takes this long”. I think it was optimistic of me you guys are just being lazy.

    Anyway I have 2 questions:

    1) Is any content going to be removed from +18 release?
    2) Are they going to make any changes translation you made. For example: Jast and Sekai tend to overtranslate things: I really hate when Japanese students addressing each other with their first names without honorifics or when they use Mr. or Miss.

    • You-kun said:

      My post completely ignored so I should take that as yes I guess.

      • KiriyaAoi said:

        Seriously? My guess is #1. No. this doesn’t really happen. The all-ages version has content cut, I’ve never seen content cut from the 18+ official releases. Mangagamer has done some pretty hardcore stuff that hasn’t had content cut out.

        2. My guess is they would do another round of QC, but this is going to depend on the agreement between the translation team and SP.

    • Chuee said:

      1. Why would you expect there to be.
      2. No, Sekai doesn’t have some “guideline” you have to follow for translations. Most of their releases do have honorifics, in fact.

  • YYurio said:

    See this is why I’d like it if groups were transparent as to if they plan on getting their projects picked up by MG/SP/JAST. Groups like Flying Pantsu flat out state that they have no intentions of trying to get it licensed, meanwhile you guys just give deadline after deadline that you never meet, and then do this which leads to salt.

    • Chuee said:

      Because you can’t just do that? Imagine if Nintendo stated they were planning on localizing a title before they’d even begun negotiations.

  • Coconut said:

    And this game is dead for me. I’ll not support Sekai Project, never. Thank goodness a few other Companies are smarter and work with MangaGamer or JAST and not with this bunch… of people.

    • noname said:

      You can always pirate it. That’s what I’m going to do since I already have the JP version. I refuse to pay twice.

  • 刹那の夢 said:

    First of all i want to thank you for your hard work. It’s a great news. I waited long enough for SakuSaku, and can wait a little more.

    I don’t understand why people complain about official release ? You have lack of reading material, and you like a child who can’t wait ?
    Anyway it is OFFICIAL, you can buy it without import from jp…and even so, there’s a chance that steam version will be with achievements and cards for backgrounds and stuff – and i love that. And main factor is – translators will be paid for their work. So, there is nothing bad, even if it releases a few month later…

    Sorry for my engrish.

  • ikeblade said:

    Honestly, very disappointed.
    The first 2 paragraphs of this update are suspicious AF, and I have a hard time believing some of it.
    And there are almost no advantages to something like this, aside from the translation team getting payed.
    With that said, it is totally understandable that you would want to get payed for all the work you’ve put into this, and I completely support that. Congratulations on the deal, and good luck with future projects.

    Also, ugh sekai project.
    Also, I really wish they’d stop flooding Steam with VNs. It is not the place for them, entirely inappropriate.

    • akerou said:

      Getting more quality titles at a faster pace is not an advantage to you?

      • ikeblade said:

        The “quality” part is highly questionable, but that aside yes you are right, more releases is an advantage.

        Regarding quality in particular, as abundantly demonstrated by Sekai Project themselves, companies such as this like to churn out hordes of low quality trite because its the quickest way to a buck. Whether that be the translation quality, or the selected VNs.
        Regarding groups like yours who work under companies to put out releases, the increased pace of release can lead to burn out, and attitudes towards the translation can be affected as a passion project turns into a literal job. So quality is a concern.

        As I touched on before, I think its great that you guys got this deal, and am happy and think you are entirely deserving of a paycheck for the hard work you’ve done. And I understand there’s a PR aspect where you have to deliver the news in a positive light. But reading something like this update evokes bitter feelings, as if I’m being told to like something that’s bad for me, or like being sold snake oil.

        It’s good news for you and I feel bad putting damper on it, but its bad news for me so I can’t help the resulting sentiment.

  • Raspy said:

    RIP FanTls. Last time I ever come to this website. Congratulations getting in bed with objectively the worst translation company I suppose.

  • GG we lost pack it up fam said:

    Don’t mind paying the game but SP pretty much always delays schedules/gives extremely vague details on releases which pisses me off with their uncertainty, especially with Denpasoft releases. Hopefully this comes out at the same time..

    • akerou said:

      no more vague or prone to delays as almost any vn developer in Japan. Getting up to 6 months delays mere weeks before the announced release date happens like literally every single month…

  • LP said:

    This would be good news if it was any other company but sekai. I honestly can feel happy about anyone working with such a crappy partner.

    • akerou said:

      On what grounds are you calling SP a “crappy partner”? Have you directly talked to SP staff, and dovac before so you know what kind of persons they are? I honestly don’t get why SP is getting so much hate from some people. You do realize that things like censoring and the decision whether there will be a 18+ version or not usually lies with the IP holder, and not SP, do you?

      I really don’t mean to sound rude or offensive and if I do, I apologize; but please, don’t be so quick to judge and jump on the hate bandwagon without even trying to inform yourself about the facts at hand.

      • LP said:

        Yes, actually. I’ve seen dovac acting like an all-around ass in /jp/ and twitter long before sekai got big. You’re welcome to check the /jp/ archives to see him insulting mangagamer and other people through twitter only to close his account shortly after. Then reopening the account and repeating the whole thing every few months until he stopped posting in /jp/ completely.
        Also, this:

      • Bill Nye said:

        I saw Dovac at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

        He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

        I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.

        The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

        When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

        • akerou said:

          Well, taking aside whether that’s true or not, I’m making it a rule to never judge people by what I hear from others, so I can only go by what I’ve experienced myself, which doesn’t really match with these sort of depictions so far.

          But anyhow, what have this sort of personal dislike and random posts by random people which credibility is at best highly doubtful to do with the product in the first place? Isn’t, from the point of view of the community, what counts that the teams working together with SP are content while people get the visual novels they’ve been wanting to play?

  • Name said:

    I’m terribly disappointed.
    Let’s wait for the torrent then.

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    I think getting licensed is a good thing, true SP has pissed me off with all the VNS they refuse to release full version of, but licensing means more VNS in the west. the thing I am worried the most about is whether we will get the full version of IroSeka, due to there being loli’s involved. Will SP release a 18+ version of IroSeka, and if not would a restore patch be a possibility?

  • Wick said:

    “We didn’t any deliberate stalling”

    Hah you’re full of shit

    • Oily said:

      You may have a valid point according to the thread over at Fuwa showing way different numbers then what is presented here. Post from November 9, 2015 http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/5121-koi-ga-saku-koro-sakura-doki-translation-project/?page=13#comment-347517

      By November 9, 2015 it stated only 2 characters, Tina, Ann, QC was at 0%,. Ann 73% edited while Tina 36% edited. Everybody else was at 100% edited and QC’d. While this chart shows QC on all being 0%. heeh~

      • akerou said:

        Thing is, I haven’t updated the fuwa thread in a long, long time. And if you had been following us around, you’d have known that I did a full tlc pass that hadn’t been projected at that time, which also ensued the need for another, separate QC/proofreading pass as reflected by the progress chart seen on this page–the monthly updated chart.

        It’s free for you to believe me or not of course, but everything of what I’m saying is the truth. I’m sorry, but offhandedly throwing out claims like “that’s bullshit” doesn’t exactly proof the best of insight. Localizing a whole game is a lot more work than some of you seem to think it is and we’re handling everything with a very small team of only a handful of people.

  • Cory Blackster said:

    Good luck to you guys, happy to see you guys are getting paid for your work. I don’t care much that it got delayed, at least it’ll actually happen. I don’t fully understand why everyone is super salty about this, you aren’t entitled to the translation in the first place. Aside from people that went out of their way to purchase the Japanese version to support the developers I really think this is the best case scenario as there is another translation team that will be localizing more games. If anything you can always torrent the game and swap the files once the patch comes out. Good luck guys, looking to see more good things from you in the future.

  • Toshibe said:

    What will happen next? Irotoridori no sekai and Astralair no shiroki towa being licensed by sekai project just when both projects reach the 90% approx?

    • noname said:

      I’m calling it, Astral Air is definitely getting licenced too.

  • ValerianHD said:

    I don’t even know if to be glad or mad… Moe will save the world, but on the other hand it’s filling gaben and sekai pockets…

  • riotstarter said:

    I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need
    Hey hey
    Shame on You

    • akerou said:

      Care to explain to me how your philosophy of making a living without money works?

  • xNew_Ga said:

    Well needless to say I’m disappointed, since it was somewhat close to being finished, but I can also see why you guys made the decisions for yourselves. Welp, as long as Irotoridori is being translated… I have no problem.

    So questions… If we already have the JP version of the game, are we able to get the English translation once the actual game is released from SP? Next, are you willing release an English patch of what is currently translated to the fans?

    • ValerianHD said:

      Read the post again. There will be a steam and denpasoft version. There will be not a separate english patch.

  • Some Guy said:

    Would have supported the decision, if I didn’t feel like I had been mislead the last few months.

    Whatever, it’s your hard work involved – but I will say this, you sure sit on a high-horse with some of that speech, considering you have likely at one point or another anticipated, and used fan TLs yourself.

    • akerou said:

      Well, as I said, the “misleading,” or rather, me remaining deliberately “vague” over the past few months is something I’d ought to apologize, and also did. I don’t mean to make that my excuse, but in the situation I’d been placed in, there was no other, reasonable option available.

  • Aexis said:

    The comment section is a disappointing as I thought, sigh. I think it’s great that you guys have gone official it’s a win-win situation for both you guys and SP, looking forward to your next projects with them *wink* iroseka *wink*.

  • Cloudianaire said:

    For me I think a big issue with Sekai Project is that, the translation comes off as sort of unnatural. The text compared to FanTL’s seem too “official” or just not how people would talk to each other. And sure, they can release more VNs but not all of them are very good or high quality. Instead they release games that are questionable and honestly just straight-up not good. This saps time from big titles and most notably the 18+ releases. I don’t think I am too off saying that VN is something of a niche. I have never heard anyone over here, in daily life, talk about VNs. It is literally me and my 1 friend. So delaying the 18+ version or putting it to the side for new releases, seems odd as the demographic is quite narrow (being 18+ players). It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the game was simultaneously released with the 18+ version. Also, censorship doesn’t even make sense when we have companies like MangaGamer releasing very explicit materials on their website. It’s just a drawing for god’s sake.

    As for licensing to SP, quite obviously it’s your choice. People need to put food on their table. I just really hope that the translation is kept as close to the one you guys have done as possible. I am not looking forward to awkward text and unnatural conversations.

    Good luck with your endeavors and I hope that we can continue to see releases from you guys alone. Thank you for your hard work.

    • akerou said:

      As far as I know, SP generally gives their translators and other teams working with them a relatively high degree of freedom, which is why things aren’t really streamlined across releases. Accordingly, if you have a game where you feel like it reads unnatural, then that’s the particular translator/editor’s style who worked on that game that you don’t like. It’s kind of like Yenpress releases in that regard; the quality may vary depending on who worked on it. Certainly you wouldn’t say that, for instance, Grisaia feels off or awkward.

      The translation you will ultimately get will be ours, so should you feel like something’s wrong with it once the game will have been released, you’ll have to criticize us, not SP.

      • Cloudianaire said:

        Well with Grisaia for example, I felt that some of the elements from the fan translation were lost on the official one. It wasn’t too big of an issue but there was still a difference. Some of the nuances and speech quirks were altered here and there.

        My biggest gripe is the release discrepancy. The 18+ version is usually delayed at least 1 month from the original all-ages release. To me, keeping the original content is very important. Imagine if they released a book but took out a quarter of it and released it later on a separate version. It makes no sense to me. But there’s nothing anyone can do because there will always be people who don’t care and SP knows that.

        As long as you guys have freedom on the project, there is nothing more to say. What’s done is done. Here’s hoping to a quick release of the full content. Waiting is not a problem but our youth is bloody short and that’s where most of our free time is.

        Thanks for the reply. At least you are facing the criticism head on and not evading it.

        • akerou said:

          I honestly don’t know whether I’m biased in this regard, but content getting cut in these situations doesn’t really feel off to me. That’s what happens all the time with psv ports and I have a ton of those on my Japanese PSN account. Sometimes, it’s actually good for the flow of the story and overall presentation to not have disrupting h-scenes inbetween, a recent example being Aokana; I’ve read through both versions and prefer the psv version. The more renown developers often add 1 or 2 bonus scenes to add some extra CGs, meant to compensate for the missing h-cgs, but that doesn’t happen necessarily. Some of the games SP releases have their all-ages version in Japan, like Grisaia, which is exactly what you get on Steam.

          Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who don’t want any h-content in the first place. I can’t blame people if they’re a little bit salty concerning SP’s release policy, that’s subjective, but as long as both versions are made available in reasonable time, I don’t see how this much hate is warranted.

          • Cloudianaire said:

            The reasonable amount of time aspect doesn’t seem to be a priority with some releases. I do know that some don’t want the content but I have reason to believe that most people desire a 18+ release at the same time as the all-ages. The point I don’t understand is why the 18+ version, more often than not, is last on the list of things to complete. I stand to be proven wrong but I assumed the demographic is mostly adults, not teens. Catering to the minority rather than the majority is my issue. Simultaneous release would remedy this quite easily, but I suspect that will happen less often.

            I just feel that there should be no bias, no favouring one side, and equality across all releases. Satisfy everyone and backlash will happen less often. It’s a win-win for all parties and I don’t know why it still is a problem.

          • akerou said:


            I admit you have a point with that. I’ll try to address that. Thanks for the constructive comments.

          • Cloudianaire said:

            The community shouldn’t be split on VNs. It should be progressive and satisfy as many people as it can. Easy solutions would be a start but ignoring the fan base won’t get the company nor the consumers anywhere. For example, the current Grisaia no Meikyuu 18+ release is unaddressed on kickstarter, twitter and their forums. TBA is the status quo and that angers a lot of people, especially the kickstarter supporters who have brought the project to life. No physicals, delayed 18+. That’s terrible PR and easily explains why people are against supporting a company who ignores the very people who hold the company up. Transparency is vital now-a-days and forgetting this is leading to less success compared to being honest. Yes, SP is a company that needs to make a profit. But making your customers happy is undoubtedly a top priority to keeping a good image. This will no doubt lead to more trust and higher profits. Just look at CDProjektRed. Honest, transparent, and listens to fanbase. Easily a very successful small company.

          • akerou said:


            I agree with you on that. I don’t want to be too quick to judge though. The bigger the company, and the more is going on at the same time, the easier miscommunication, other problems etc. occur. When it comes to “bad PR” like the one you mentioned, there is a considerable amount of big game publishers that are way worse in many regards *cough* capcom * cough*.

            It’s easy to take the “they just don’t know better” approach and I prefer to get behind the reasons why things are the way they are first before I make claims and act as if I know everything better. Of course, criticism in and off itself is always good as long as it isn’t toxic, but constructive, so it’s helpful to also have people who bluntly throw out their opinions.

            I deeply care for our projects, so I can at least guarantee that I’ll do my best to be as transparent as possible when it comes to those.

          • Cloudianaire said:

            Thank you for your honestly. And yes Capcom, EA, Activision are all terrible in that regard. I really hope it all turns out well.

  • Amuro said:

    Let me just put it this way: would you rather have one free translation every 5 years, or one translation you have to pay for every year? The team is doing a ridiculous amount of great work and frankly, they deserve to get paid for that.

    In the end this just means there will be more VNs to read in English for everyone and if for some reason you don’t agree with paying for something that cost money to make and money to translate, then you can still pirate it and reap all the benefits of the translators getting paid.

    I honestly have problems understanding how anyone could see this as a bad thing…

    • Pomf said:

      “I honestly have problems understanding how anyone could see this as a bad thing…”
      And could be deceiving people for months a good thing?

    • Cloudianaire said:

      We’ve been getting fan translations more or less once a year on average for the last couple of years. Your statement doesn’t make sense.

      • Amuro said:

        You clearly didn’t get the point… It’s not about getting a fan translation about every year in general, it’s about having as many good translation teams being able to put in as much time into translating good VNs as possible. And Shinku Translations did not release a fan translation every year for the last couple of years. I wasn’t even talking about the VN translation scene in general… Also, just to be 100% clear since i have my doubts that you’d get it if i didn’t spell it out for you like this: i wasn’t saying that they’d take 5 years for every project when not getting paid and 1 year if they are, it was just an obvious exaggeration to convey what i wanted to say. And it’s quite obvious that a team that can work on it full time and gets paid would be able to produce much more frequent quality content than they could if they had to juggle it as something they do for fun besides their job.

        If there’s enough good professional translators at one point, maybe there will come a time when we will have multiple high quality VN releases per month in the west, wouldn’t that be something that every fan wants?

        Being angry that someone is getting paid for hard work and is also being able to deliver more content that YOU want is just nonsensical in my eyes.

        • Cloudianaire said:

          Firstly, I think you misunderstood me cause it’s clear you didn’t see my conversation with akerou above. I only made a comment in response regarding the statement “Let me just put it this way: would you rather have one free translation every 5 years, or one translation you have to pay for every year?” This is what I was responding to.

          Secondly, you were not clear in your statement regarding who you were talking about, even if you were using an exaggeration in attempt to prove your point. How would I know if you were speaking about the group or the whole community if you did not provide that direct indication.

          Thirdly, just because they get paid to do their job, it does not necessarily equate to quality content. More content sure, but questionable quality for many. If I recall correctly, many projects are being translated by one person or very few, no more than when they were doing alone. Grisaia is a clear example of more money not equating to faster translation and with quality that is barely on par with the fan translation.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am not angry at him. I think he deserves to get payed, but people have reasons to be perturbed. People like honesty and transparency, not broken promises. My criticism (as seen through my conversation with akerou) is against SP themselves. Their policies are very poor and honestly deserve a revamp. The heavy criticism from many VN readers is a clear indication that something clearly is wrong. But this is my opinion so don’t take it seriously.

          Finally, let’s not forget that many of us buy the Japanese versions, hoping for a fan translation. It doesn’t feel too good when you need to buy the game again just because the translators you were waiting on, sold the translation and has rendered your version obsolete (for a bunch of the picked up translations).

          • Amuro said:

            Yeah, i did not read your conversation with him before replying, but i don’t think i had any obligation to anyway, i just replied to your statement that my comment made no sense.

            Anyway, sure more money does not equal better quality, but if the translator is good anyway, then you can’t deny that being able to work on translating full time will most of the time result in the same or better quality AND more quantity.

            While i do agree that SP should change i also believe that the pros of Shinku Translation going professional far outweigh the cons of the publisher being SP.

            But yes, i do understand that it must hurt for those that bought the JP version in hopes of getting a fan TL. Maybe there could be something SP can do, like allowing everyone that can prove they bought the jp version to download the eng release for free if that’s somehow possible.

            PS: sorry that it wasn’t clear to you that i was talking about a scenario of one team being able to release more content if they are getting paid and not the whole community as a whole, but from my perspective, even after reading my comment again and ignoring the grammar fails and typos it seems quite clear to me that i was not talking about the VN community as a whole, but maybe that’s just me

          • Cloudianaire said:

            I am neither offender nor attempting to offend, just trying to make things more clear. As for SP giving those who bought the JP version a free translation, it is highly unlikely if not impossible. Kind of goes along with the not-considering-the-fans criticism.

            We cannot forget of course that with companies comes deadlines and with deadlines, cutting corners.

            Only time will tell if this endeavor pays off so there’s not much to do but sit and wait.

          • Chuee said:

            >Thirdly, just because they get paid to do their job, it does not necessarily equate to quality content.

            Yes, it does. Localization companies don’t just hire every random translator joe they find.

            >Grisaia is a clear example of more money not equating to faster translation

            Because the translator was hired to work on two separate official projects in between the fan release of Kaijitsu and the release of Meikyuu.

            > People like honesty and transparency, not broken promises.

            What broken promises? He told you month after month, sorry the game’s not yet ready, yet somehow people still believed it was going to magically release every month. That’s their own faults.

            >Finally, let’s not forget that many of us buy the Japanese versions, hoping for a fan translation.

            I’m sorry, but that’s a bold-faced lie.

          • Anonymous said:

            “Localization companies don’t just hire every random translator joe they find.”

            One company does. Guess who!

          • akerou said:


            >One company does. Guess who!

            Uh, that would be visual arts. SP doesn’t use translations that are obviously bad as you can see in the case of hoshimemo.

          • Cloudianaire said:

            This message is in response to Chuee.

            *To make it very clear, I support the translators on this site getting paid for their work. The above statements are based on what I have personally experienced and have seen, whether it be the games themselves (quality) or the releases that have been put out that are honestly just terrible games and a waste of money, or the kickstarter stuff going on.*

            Now let’s discuss some things because I like learning more and being shown otherwise, especially if there is good evidence supporting it.

            >Yes, it does. Localization companies don’t just hire every random translator joe they find.
            Objectively speaking, there have been examples of poor translation work (I.E If My Heart Had Wings) all over steam. This has also happened in the FanTL community (DracuRiot clear example). Saying “that company is just bad at hiring” or “that’s just one case” is not an argument. We are looking at it objectively mind you and are taking in to account all aspects. But this also means that in both cases (localization companies and FanTL), there is very clear examples of quality translations being done. But my statement did not generalize to say all official translations are bad quality. I specifically said “Thirdly, just because they get paid to do their job, it does not necessarily equate to quality content.” I am merely pointing out that, paid work does not NECESSARILY equate or mean quality content (as games out there on steam has shown).

            >Because the translator was hired to work on two separate official projects in between the fan release of Kaijitsu and the release of Meikyuu.
            Regarding this, does my point still not stand? I state that money does not always equal faster translations. You point out that the translator for Grisaia had to work on other projects. I know, he did Gakthun. But that’s my point. When you are working for a company, they might do exactly this; give you multiple projects. So in this case, money cannot solve the problem as the problem lies in the fact that they only have 1 translator. You can argue separately that unity in the translation is important. But realize that they have a trilogy of games with huge backing on kickstarter and instead they are spending time translating a game that clearly has less hype/desire than Grisaia. That alone is poor decision making. Why must the only translator that is tasked with 3 games, also be tasked with a separate game? Prioritizing seems to be an issue.

            >What broken promises? He told you month after month, sorry the game’s not yet ready, yet somehow people still believed it was going to magically release every month. That’s their own faults.

            This statement was not directed at akerou but at SP. Going back to my example of Grisaia. Many backers are not receiving their physical goods while others are receiving them in poor conditons (dented OST boxes, dented limited edition DVD holders, etc). This kickstarter was launched in December 16, 2014. Roughly 1.5 years ago with a backing of 475,255$ (overfunding by 300% roughly). And yet the second game has only just been released (no 18+ announcement yet). This goes back to my point about more money =/= faster translation. The original FanTL of Grisaia no Kajitsu took roughly 1.5 year to complete (going by the tlwiki page for it). Grisaia no Meikyuu is half the playtime of Kajitsu so a 1 year time frame to complete it is quite some time given the money they supposedly have to increase efficiency (and of course the 3 month wait for unrated for Kajitsu).

            >I’m sorry, but that’s a bold-faced lie.

            What do I need to lie about? Recently I went to Japan for vacation and decided to pick up the Grisaia trilogy, costing me roughly 120$ for all three. I support these companies, and I will buy the unrated version from denpasoft also to support them because I really enjoy this series (regardless if I do not like SP or not). I also supported narcissu on kickstarter because I enjoyed the first 2 games. And while i was there, I was following both the Aokana and Sakusaku translation progress until the point when it was quite obvious that Aokana would not be translated and Sakusaku seemed to have stalled for some time. Now I would love to have the original Japanese versions and buy the translated version because I like collecting stuff and having physical copies of the games for all mediums. My room is a testament to that. But we all have financial limits and now that it is certain that there will be no fanTL for Sakusaku nor Aokana, I won’t be getting the Japanese physical. Quite logically, I will wait for the official release. Do I want the physical with a fanTL? Yes. Do I have a choice at this point? Not after taking in all the factors regarding my situation both financially and using some common sense.

            Now some of these things are not the case in all situations, but there are many situations indicating that these things do happen and that can’t be ignored. Also, I am using Grisaia as a main example simply because of the amount of money that it has raised and the amount of hype surrounding it. But there are other examples in all companies and all games. There is also the issue of terrible games or cash-in titles that deserve no time or money put into them (MY OPINION) such as Purino Party (a hunny pop cash in title), Sakura Series (boring and basically for people to fap to; no substance), and stuff like Rising Angels and Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight. Sekai Project publishes these. They spent time and money on them so yes they are considered a factor when discussing the issues at hand.

            Once again, I SUPPORT THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE GETTING PAID. But I am simply giving an as objective view as I can on the subject (minus the clear indication of my opinion), as many people clearly have divided opinions.

            Thank you for your time. Let us discuss freely.

    • Zeross said:

      Quantity often not equal quality… Especially with censored vn . Yes I would rather have a good vn every 5 years than a censored one every year.
      Pirating is not the issue here.

      I’ll give it the benefit of doubts and will wait to see the thing for myself but I highly doubt it will be like we expected

      • Amuro said:

        Didn’t they say that there will be a censored and uncensored version? I get that you’d rather quality over quantity, but i don’t know how you think that getting paid and being able to put in much more time into translating would result in lower a lower quality product overall.

        • Zeross said:

          Well because if you are doing it for free, its you that make decisions and you do things like it feel right with you.

          If you are getting paid for it, the companie have the last word, always. lets say they decide “no honorifique” then you don’t put any because that an order.
          “official” translation always assume a reader base that have no clue on japanese and sont understand honorifique or thing like that so they alter it to cater to that audiance (i don’t know if they are right, i dont know if the majority want that, >I < dont want that). i usually dislike "official" traduction for that, haence a drop in quality.

          • Kabu said:

            That’s incorrect. The translator usually still has creative freedom with the actual translation. I believe that much has even been said somewhere in here in some form.

  • Recolate said:

    I’m glad you guys got paid, as you deserve it for your hard work. I’m sad that it had to be Sekai Project that paid you. SP is a cancer on the VN community and their business practices and the way they treat their consumers with their constant deceit and horrible PR is truly terrible. Hopefully they don’t edit/QC your TL into shit like they have done with many other titles.

    That aside, I suppose we can assume that AstralAir and the other Favorite titles that you’re working on will receive the same treatment? That’s what everyone seems to be implying now.

    Best of luck on your future endeavors but I hope your business proceedings don’t continue with Sekai, as they don’t deserve you or anyone else.

  • Light said:

    Akerou, Im fairly new to tracking this thing, but honestly, you probably made a good decision :). it looks like youve been working on things for multiple years now, and simply, some company has taken notice of your work in my eyes. Yes, SP has gotten a lot of hate, but you have to pay the bills.

    As an engineer part of a small firm, sometimes the team i am part of’s work gets contracted by large companies, and frankly, thats what pays the bills so that we can do our independant work.
    There is nothing to be ashamed of, and you are getting a lot of hate for no reason. People are just impatient and rude by nature when things don’t go their way.

    Keep at it and congrats! Don’t worry about what people say. Just give them a product they can’t complain about [ no matter how long it takes ].


  • Smallus said:

    Congratulations on getting it official. Like many of the other posters here I’m happy that you guys are getting financial reimbursement for your endeavors.

    However, I cannot contain my disappointment that it was Sekai that picked your team up. I have absolutely nothing against waiting 6 more months for SakuSaku but I absolutely refuse to support Sekai in any way, shape, or form. I think that’s where most of the salt in the comment section is coming from. Not necessarily directed at you, but at Sekai. If there’s two things Sekai is good at it’s pissing off the eroge community and delays. But hey! At least they paid you guys! I’m pretty disappointed in how this was all handled, but there’s naught to do but moan at this point.

    I do want to say this though; A patreon to support you guys would have been infinitely preferable to me and I imagine many others. I am willing to invest my own dollar into translation efforts but I refuse to do so through Sekai.

    Thank you for all your efforts. I would say I’m looking forward to AA and Irotoridori, but after the events of yesterday I fully expect them to be picked up by Sekai as well. Please betray my expectations.

    • akerou said:

      The thing is, fan translating is already in a legal grey zone as it is. A grey that is almost black. Be it patreon, paypal donations or whatever; once real money is involved, you’re treading on very, very dangerous grounds.

      I won’t and can’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to support SP for their own unique reasons, but don’t forget that a substantial part of the money supports both various people working on these titles, and the Japanese developers alike. Things aren’t necessarily as black and white as some picture.

      • Smallus said:

        True enough I suppose. I had not considered the possible legal repercussions a patreon could have had since just about everyone and their mother has a patreon these days.

  • Borris said:

    Gutting since I finished Mio and Konami’s routes last night and thought I’d timed it well for the full release.

    It’s great that a good translation team is getting financial recognition for the good work they do, just dreadful that it had to be Sekai. And now everything is going to be pushed back 6 months to fit in with their timescales. If you’ve partnered with Sekai and they’ve partnered with Favorite, doesn’t take too much of a leap to see that Astral and Iro are going to go the same way as Saku.

    On a related note, are Sekai releasing a proper version of Hoshimemo on Denpa, or is it only going to be a baby steam version? If it’s the latter I fear for Astral and Iro. Two more great vns potentially ruined by the Sekai juggernaut.

    • akerou said:

      Take it with a grain of salt since I’m not entirely sure and I’m too lazy right now to look up whether there’s been any sort of official statement in this regard, but I believe Hoshimemo will be getting an unrated version. When games don’t get an unrated version, that’s because, for some reason, the IP holder doesn’t want that.

      And, putting aside whether IroSeka/Astral will be licensed by SP or not, IroSeka has a very good psv version which I personally even deem to be better because the h-stuff can be disruptive at times, so I can pretty much guarantee you even the all-ages steam version would turn out to be awesome and the same will probably go for AstralAir (the psv version isn’t out yet). Other than that, I naturally can’t tell you anything more since it’s obviously not me who decides all of that.

  • MH said:

    Been following the translation since January of 2015, and i’m really disappointed that the SELLOUT has occurred with this translation. I was hoping for better. Guess ill find another place.

  • rasputin said:

    i got linked here from elsewhere but i wanted to say that you’re a trooper, akerou. many of the comments here are very entitled to the point that i feel second-hand embarrassment for them, so good on you for keeping collected.

  • twincest said:

    Can’t wait for AstralAir and Iroseka by SP!

  • Mir Teiwaz said:

    Congrats akerou, I’m glad that you’re getting real compensation for all the time and hard work you’ve put into the translation. The “supporters” that are now all pissed at you aren’t all that faithful in the end. If something like SP assisting with making things official is the only reason to not give the people who made the game (Favorite) and you for the translation due compensation for your work, they weren’t much support anyways.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to paying for the game, and not expecting a freebie handout.

  • George said:

    Glad you’re getting paid for your work but at the same time I’m not a fan of Sekai Project so I won’t be supporting the release. I hope you can get a better company next time. You deserve better.

  • Mutsakman1 said:

    Let me be frank, if you’re happy with your compensation for your work, then I’m satisfied. Because I cannot in good faith, force a member of the public who works so hard on translations to be forced to provide free work to others. I’m not sure how the members of the weeb community do expect this effort.

    Just keep us updated on the release date, and I’ll be sure to place my order.

  • Kud said:

    after thinking about it a bit,there was one point that was not properly addressed,and that is the 6 months delay (4 for re-editing and 2 for qc).and astrail air got a one year delay…might wanna officialize that one soon….so the deal was already made on december-january?so the game was already up and ready at that point…the announcement could’ve been made there and there would still be salty but at least a bit sweeter.
    and if we take the re-editing to be true that was made for sekai?
    in the end you kind of made the same thing OriRen tried to do,can’t really say you’re that much different…
    still can’t blame you cause everyone would have done the same (totally agree with Some Guy though…)
    good luck and congrats on the deal

    • Kabu said:

      Orrrrrr you just don’t realize how difficult translations can be or how long they can take. With that I can only assume you’re only making baseless assumptions in order to have a reason to be salty.

      • Kud said:

        discuss with me logically will ya?i made logically statements unlike some others who post raging comments…unless you’re unable to do it

    • akerou said:

      It’s for you to decide whether you want to trust my word or not, but the truth is, I wouldn’t have done anything different even without the involvement of SP. Accordingly, you’d have gotten the patch next month at the earliest.

      Also, I won’t deny that I’ve been in touch with SP since last year; however, note that these kind of things take time. Neither I, nor SP can make announcements before license contracts are signed and it’s ultimately the IP holder who has the last word concerning when and where they want their titles to be announced. It wasn’t legally possible for SP to announce this earlier.

  • Anthony Araya said:

    First at all hello, thank you for the hard work, I was really surprised to read that SakuSaku got licensed and I feel a little sad to have to wait a little bit more, but, it’s your work and I feel really happy to know that you’ll gonna get paid for it, and just let me said one thing… Let the babies yell and cry, if they didn’t want to wait I wish them good luck trying to get something translated by themselves.
    I’m glad to know that are companies that have expectations for us westerns and be sure that I’ll be cheering for you guys as always .
    Twitter: @Anthony_Araya_

  • O'Nyanmaru-sama said:

    Tbh I am neither surprised or terribly pissed off. If the project were to be just sold I would probably be dissapointed like quite few people already are. But since you said you are planning to get paid for your work and actually do it even better than you did till now, I am pretty much satisfied. After all doin charity work is shit, all you get is frustration while dealing with people who are unsatisfied and steady decrease in motivation. But with compensation in picture I can imagine work to be done faster and better. I hope you will earn that compensation with honest and hard work which will actually make up for the inconvenience, by which I mean the certain delay of the release.

  • Maou said:

    Well, I’ll never give a dime to the con artists at “sekai project”, those sneaky little guys.
    I’m rather support real companies like Jast and Mangagamer.
    Anyway, I don’t have anything against you, so good luck on your future endeavors.

    • Decay said:

      Are you suggesting that Sekai Project are con artists because they’re adopting fan translations?

      Imouto Paradise, Cartagra, ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two, Hadaka Shitsuji are all VNs that were fan translations that were picked up by MangaGamer.

      Eien no Aselia, Seinarukana, Steins;Gate, Saya no Uta, Hanachirasu are all VNs that were fan translations that were picked up by JAST.

      This is a practice literally everyone employs.

  • Pls said:


  • TetsuyaOfNohr said:

    I’m not the type who would usually leave comments on things like this but, after seeing all the negativity in the comment section, I decided I wanted to put my two cents out there.

    Congratulations on having your hard work recognized by the industry. Many people don’t seem to realize the legally dangerous nature of FanTL and so cannot see how great it is that more and more titles are being legalized in the west. I dream of a day when major VN titles are released simultaneously worldwide through a system like Steam (or something similar) and such a thing can only be brought about through support of companies like MangaGamer and Sekai Project.

    Coming from someone who has waited in the range of 5+ years for an English release, it seems silly how so many are getting so salty over a month or two.

    Congratulations again, thank you for all of the work you have put in so far, and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

  • Human said:

    Two words, Fuck You

    • akerou said:

      Do you mean “Two words: Fuck You,” by any chance? The way you wrote it, you’re addressing “Two words” with your statement 😉

      But jokes aside, if you have any sort of criticism, then please express yourself in a way that enables me to comprehend where you’re coming from and respond accordingly. Pointless toxicity neither helps you, nor us.

  • Alphno said:

    Hey, congrats on the official localization. Disappointed that we gotta wait a bit longer, but now you can actually get paid for your work. Thanks for everything and for your continued work. Just keep us in the loop, kay? 🙂

    …And it can’t hurt to ask, and I’m getting WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of myself probably, but since Koi ga Sakura Doki is getting official localization… can we expect other titles from Palette to get translated down the line? Like say… Mashiro Iro Symphony? To me, the possibility of more Palette titles getting official localizations alongside Sakura Doki is something to be excited about. I don’t expect a reply to this question, but a guy can hope, speculate and dream…

  • SadFaceMonster said:

    Nooooooo already bought a copy of the japanese version T.T. Congratz though =]

  • MrAlpacaMan said:

    Though I’m disappointed we’ll have to wait a bit longer, I’m glad this is getting localized officially. I think things like these happening will go a long way in showing companies in Japan that there is legitimate interest in VNs in the west, and also the money to back up that interest. As for being salty about buying the JPN version in anticipation for the patch release, let’s chalk it up to “never pre-order games” which any semi-intelligent gamer (should) have/has learned by now. Though you don’t necessarily have to be a gamer to enjoy visual novels or pornography, buying something before it’s released doesn’t sound that good in principal either. I didn’t anticipate the official localization of this game either but didn’t have any plans to buy it until the patch was released just to be safe.

    On another note, I don’t think it’s fair to be angry at Shinku for the choices they’ve made or the amount of information they’ve released. The way I see it, they (were) doing this for free in their free time and ultimately have no obligation to anyone to do anything whatsoever. I’m just thankful we all get another VN to read in English, I don’t particularly want to spend the time necessary to learn Japanese. Basically, c’mon guys… we’re all adults here. I think? (At least you SHOULD be in order to access the 18+ content in this game.) We can be mature about this.

  • Z said:

    Completely devastated.

    Yet I can’t hate you for that, since I would have done the same thing. Doing something you enjoy AND earning money at the same time, it even makes me envious.

    Not really knowledgeable about SP releases changing the H-scenes, but as long as removing this content doesn’t affect the story in any way, I see no downsides to this (for me). I do understand that some (maybe even most?) do read the VNs for mature content, but I just want to enjoy some romance/slice of life/comedy/good story that can’t really be sated with LNs/mangas.

    Was fun hyping for you, I suppose.

  • Maou-sama said:

    After reading this and hearing about the news, the only thing that came to my mind is “WHY THE HELL DID I BUY THE JAPANESE VERSION FOR!!!!!” I can’t say I’m impressed about this. If they’re gonna make an official English version, they should have made it a lot sooner or at least release the news sooner. Now its just like I’m wasting money by buying the same game two times.

  • Klein said:

    Well I am not sure that I got it right, you said that your translation will get lisenced right? So that’s mean they don’t have to start translating again from scratch right? I don’t know what else to ask, my mind messed up with this update.

    Like the bunch of peoples above, I really…really…really feel like an idiot (LOL) but seriously!? I checked your progress every single day since you guys started the translation and…. NOW!? just Oh My God this is really shocking me that I can’t gasp what’s going on.

    Final note: I wasted my time years and years for doing this. Anyway, goodluck with your stuff and I hope SP won’t ruined it.

    • akerou said:

      It won’t be *that* long until the release. I’ll probably have more detailed information soon.

  • (>^_^)> said:

    Everyone needs to calm down…and give each other some internet hugs. Right? (>^_^)>

    I feel that people are getting way too greedy these days. Like everything on the internet should be conveniently given to you when you demanded it. Waiting 2-3 months for a translation release is not that long, especially when your talking about waiting for a translation of a Visual Novel in general. No one likes being delayed to play the game. But we should be grateful this game will have an English translation release in the first place.

    Weren’t they doing this translation project for free for well over a year? We are getting an official release, because the translation team were devoted to this translation project without having an obligation to do the translation.

    I may not like some decisions Sekai Project does with their projects, but we are getting many of the visual novel in English releases because companies like Sekai Project exist. I hope the game will not have any content cut, and will be released in the near future.

  • Dasuu said:

    First off just want to say congrats on getting hired from SP, I respect your decision since you’ve been doing this on your own free time and most people wants to get paid for their hard work, like many people here can’t say that i’m happy about this decision a better company would be better (but that’s just my opinion) so i guess good luck on your future projects! just hope SP won’t screw this up, also i hope none of this will affect IroSeka’s progress. I will still continue to lurk on this site like before i just hope it won’t get abandoned. Also, what Cloudianaire said.

  • Kiss my ass said:

    Fuck. You.

    • akerou said:

      Please keep it civilized if you have something to say. Insults are quite literally the most pointless thing ever.

      • Kiss my ass said:

        Lmfao@j00 : You put your cock on the chopping block, then bitch when someone decides to swing down the axe. If you can’t take the heat for your dishonest bullshit, then maybe you shouldn’t have left the comments section open in the first place, just a thought.

        • akerou said:

          By all standards, being pointlessly toxic and insulting is not “swinging down the axe,” it’s nothing short of a proof of immaturity and an apparent lack of the ability to communicate in a humane fashion 🙂

  • Jey Emill said:

    Congrats on the deal guys. So here’s a simple question.
    Is there any info for the release date at the moment? If not, then its cool.
    Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in on this, you deserve it.

  • Waiting said:

    First of all, Thank you for your hard work. You as a company is well deserved to be paid. I just don’t understand why some people are salty to SP? I just want my translated VNs on the west. Waiting like 2-5 months is not a big deal especially if you have many backlogs in VNs.

    Secondly, why pick SP? not other companies like MG or JAST?(I’m not hating on SP or you the company, I’m just curios that’s all).

    And finally, As suppose to the above comments, I am speculating that SP will also pick IroSeka and Astral Air. That 2 games have a loli heroines, I’m just afraid that it will be an all ages version only because many westerners are sensitive in these kind of heroines. Just look about SP’s Maitetsu, They did not confirmed whether it will have an 18+ version on it *cough loli trains cough*

    • Chuee said:

      Hoshimemo and SakuSaku both have similar loli heroines. I’d wait and see how those releases come out to base your judgments on.

      • Waiting said:

        OK then, so all SP’s games will be having both all-ages AND 18+ version on their future games? If so, then that’s freaking amazing. So, what about my 2nd question then? Why did you guys pick SP other than the two companies I just mentioned before? Take note that I’m not hating on you or SP. I’m just curious. If by chance you cannot answer my question then well it’s OK as long as you get paid and translating VNs then is all good. Thank you for your reply.

  • Luna said:

    Is it possible the other games you’re working on will also be adopted by Sekai? I’m actually happy about, while yes I’m disheartened that the wait has been extended quite a bit, the fact you now get paid and that the work you’ve done will now be more readily available is wonderful news. Keep up the good work ^w^.

  • Poop said:

    Obviously VN’s getting official releases is a good thing. Sekai is just the most horrible company you could have chosen for this.

  • yay said:

    Sekai? The worst vn conpany? Really?
    Day 1 pirate for me, thanks!

  • KeeperofLolis said:

    Its nice that you try to respond to most comments, whether they are positive or negative, but sometimes just remind yourself that negative people are often the loudest, not the majority. Decay wrote a good section on this week’s vnts regarding how he, and most decent people should feel about licensing, so give it a read and keep up the good work.

    • akerou said:

      Thanks. It’s pretty clear to me that most of the time, it’s people with complaints that actually go out of their way to comment; a lot of people who either don’t care or maybe even appreciate it simply don’t comment or anything. we’re at over 100 comments while the site has been accessed roughly 5000 times during that period, that tells you something.

      Still, I think it’s important to show your good will and try to get even those who complain to understand. Personally, I think that’s the best way to make toxicity run dry rather than also responding with toxicity.

  • anon said:

    One less fangroup and a bit more money for SP who will deliver a butchered version and avoids paying professional translators’ rates.

    • akerou said:

      So uh, you mean to say that you know how much SP pays? I’m curious, exactly how much is it according to your understanding?

  • 2 Dolla SakuSaku said:

    You couldn’t pick, I dunno, JAST or MangaGamer? We’ll get our all-ages version sometime in November or December, then we’ll get the not shit version (read:18+) sometime next July, just like Grisaia. As my mom used to say like a broken record, “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”

    Well, at least IroSeka should finish faster now, and not be the constant asspull that SakuSaku has been.

    • Kabu said:

      You and everyone else saying the same thing do realize that it’s the companies that approach the translators and not the other way around yeah?

      • Kabu said:

        Since we can’t edit messages and I forgot this: All the negativity is actually really sickening. Just be glad that it’s being translated at all.

      • 2 Dolla SakuSaku said:

        So, like a prostitute, the first time someone waves a little money in their face they jump at the chance? Barring my own (and many VN fans’) prejudices against SP, my real problem is the series of half-truths I’ve been told for the past few months. Things like “Come next update, I should be able to give an ETA for the patch.” One keyword being patch, which it isn’t a patch anymore (so much for my imported copy of the game), the other keyword being ETA which we never got, but makes it sound as if it should be pretty soon. Then we’ve got Chuee up further in the comments saying “yet somehow people still believed it was going to magically release every month. That’s their own faults.” blaming the fans, even though these guys have been hyping up this game every month as if it were gonna drop any day now. Maybe it is that fans’ fault though, for believing Shinku’s integrity, or that it deserved the faith the fans have put in it.

        The most frustrating statement I’ve read is “Yes, we could release the whole thing as is. Yes, most people would be satisfied with the result and hardly anyone would complain.” Which makes it seem like it should have been released this month, or next month. Since they sold out though, it’s gonna be the butchered all ages version sometime in the winter then the playable 18+ version some time next year. All the while, I know in the back of my mind that I could have played a totally passable version this past May, and probably wouldn’t have any complaints about it.

        From a translator’s standpoint I understand the “fuck the fans, I’m gettin’ paid bitches!” sentiment. From a fan standpoint, I am disappointed in them. Not that my, or anyone elses, opinions matter I suppose. Next year I’ll still be paying the pimp (denpasoft) for the whores (Shinku Translations’ games).

        • akerou said:

          Okay so you’re a whore if you get paid for work now? By that definition, it’s like, most people would be whores, so yeah…

          But anyhow, consider the following:
          As a fan translation team, you’re cutting it pretty close legally and it should be self-explanatory that you should always look for options to go legit. If you’re lucky, you find a localizer who is in the position to get said game licensed or is already working together with the IP holder. Besides that, there’s also the possibility a localizer might approach you instead. Either way, you end up in the same position and due to the nature of that position, you can hardly justify saying “no.” It’s basically like someone’s telling you “Hey the rightful owner of this game wants to work together with you and do it the official, legal way.” Even if you leave getting paid out of the equation, turning the other party down in this situation is like spitting in the face of the developer and since we’re all doing this out of passion, it’d be downright absurd to act like that before the very creators of that product you have a passion for.

          Also, just to be clear, I have literally no reason to do this “for the money.” If I was out for money, I should in fact stop translating all together and do what I actually have a degree in. The thing is, however, working as a translator is a lot more fulfilling for me, so if I can make a living off that, I’d like to do so; that’s all there is to it.

          And as I said in my initial post, not being clear about the state of things is the one thing I do apologize for and I don’t mean to quibble over this. If you feel like you need to judge me for that, you have all right to do so. I chose the middle-ground and I still believe it was the best decision all things considered.

          • 2 Dolla SakuSaku said:

            Admittedly, I went too far in my last post, and for that I apologize. As I said in my first post, I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.

            That said, I don’t agree with you assessment that Sekai Project coming to you is like the the rightful owner coming to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sekai Project hadn’t even contacted the creator before they contacted you. I don’t have a problem with games getting localized, or with you getting paid, I have a problem with Sekai Project. When you saw SP show interest, you probably could have shown your project to JAST or MangaGamer instead and gotten in bed with them instead.

            I would like to point out that while you apologize for not being clear about the state of things, it rings rather hollow unless you are being clear now. Can you finally give that ETA on when the game will be released that you mentioned in April? “A few more months” is pretty vague. How about that uncut version? Is it going to be delayed for who knows how long like every other SP project?

          • akerou said:


            I didn’t mean to make it sound like SP was the rightful owner. There are different patterns how things can go, but companies *do* contact localizers of their own accord, asking them to localize X; especially if the IP holder is already working together with said localizer. I simplified things a little–with the localizer only being the mediator–but by rightful owner, I actually meant the original developer.

            As for an ETA, unfortunately neither we nor SP can give you one right now since it also depends on a third party we can’t influence: Palatte. I can only promise to give an ETA as soon as I actually know a more concrete ETA.

  • Crawling Chaos said:

    Finally, after a long time of seeing this post i just want to let it all out in a comment.
    After thinking about this post, first, yeah i’m disappointed, but it’s not like it’s being dropped or cancelled, it’s just being delayed and it’s far better than being dropped.

    I will at least say thanks for translation, without the start of the translation maybe SP won’t even know the game and it will never be translated.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  • Aseran said:

    I’m just glad that more plot-focused VNs are being released in the West and that we can vote with our wallets on what we want. Also, if it means we’ll get even more VNs later down the road then all the better.

    I’m not saying the concerns people have are unfounded, but honestly, most of it is just a knee-jerk reaction due to their shock based on what they chose to believe about the situation (most of it bad).

    Its a fact that being official makes it easier for us as fans to support them, and makes the translation itself a more certain thing then treading the already mentioned legal grey area and risking a shutdown at some point (either by C&D orders or by the translator(s)’s personal issues) of which I’ve feared and seen come to past with many other groups.

    And lets face it, someone taking their own time to provide others with translations or any other worthwhile content on their own time is already doing so much for us, are we in any place to blame them when most of us can’t even do what they do for us?

    And regardless of the result, it is still far to early to judge anything until the final product is out, so lets keep things is a positive light (or at least reserve judgement) until later down the line.

    Keep up the good work Shinku Translations, many thanks and much appreciated.

  • asdasd123 said:

    why i cant enter to that red haired girl in koigasakura??
    this will apear if and its back to main menu..

  • that guy from there said:

    Why can’t you guys be honest?
    You want money, everyone wants, it’s not wrong.
    That’s the reason you stalled the project.

  • Blackbishop said:

    Congratulations, indeed. Since I got an email from Sekai explaining they were going to be licensing this VN, I immediatly thought about your project and I figured you would be working with them to speed up the release.

    This is the best thing that could have happened for this project, official recognition for the demand for this VN (or the projected demand), thus I’m looking forward for this one even more.

    Although I didn’t expect that some of your followers would react negatively with this announcement and that’s why I haven’t posted anything. It is not like you owe your work to anyone. Now I read some of the comments I felt the need to write this, to show my support your decision and wishing you good luck in your other projects. Hopefully that luck of yours will help us to get more VNs licensed and translated ;).

    • fake said:

      Maybe those fans are dissatisfied for a reason. You know, like SPs censorship. Almost no one would complain if an actually decent company licenced it.
      And don’t try the classic “There will be a 18+ patch”. Even if they release one, it will take a lot of time. Just look at Grisaia no Meikyuu, it was released 4 months ago and there are still no news about a 18+ patch. Also, their censorship doesn’t just include sexual scenes, it also involves adult jokes, or just anything that isn’t “family friendly”.

      So get your head out of your ass before trying to claim the moral high ground.

      • Chuee said:

        The Japanese creators are the ones that choose what to cut out of the game. Grisaia’s western non-18 release uses the Japanese PS vita version of the game. So while you complain about stuff being cut, realize that FRONTWING themselves were the ones who chose to cut jokes, etc. Not that that should matter to you if you aren’t going to play that version of the game.

  • Hikage255 said:

    so since sekai have rights to release Favorites games its going to take about *starts calculating* 5-20 years before they release any….. great and i wanted to see some Shinku in 1-2 years

    • akerou said:

      what gives you that idea? hoshimemo is almost at 90% already

      • Hikage255 said:

        they started Translation on a game i wanted to play 2 3 years ago and well its still not out Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”. and who knows when the next Grisaia comes out and i finished the first one 2 years ago and a fan group was working on the 2nd one and *poof* Sekai ate them and no news of it since (18 Version) yes yes H scenes aren’t everything but some games feel lacking without them (not talking about Nukige) but like G-senjou, Muv luv Alternative and 1 i cant think of need the H scenes to make sense

        • akerou said:

          well it depends on the team that works on individual titles. as long as one translator isn’t handling multiple titles at once, 4-5 months for one title is standard. if editing is done in parallel (like in case of hoshimemo) titles are pretty much ready for release after that. even with qc and other processes of finalization, anything beyond 1y is abnormal and you can assume there are inescapable–probably unplanned–causes for why progress is stagnating.

  • UrusaiSenpai said:

    Akerou, You Beautiful Ladybird.
    ETA for Saku pleaséééé ._.

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