December Update


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Just a quick update for those who didn’t read my comments. Like I said, there’s just really nothing to report on, which is why I haven’t been doing monthly updates (despite saying that I would). It just seemed sort of pointless to make a two sentence long update each month.

So… What can I say? Hoshimemo progress is closing in on the 90% mark, which you can also check out on Sekai Project’s official page. As for SakuSaku, we’re currently just waiting for things to get finalized. Other than that, there’s basically nothing worth mentioning. If you have questions, just ask in the comments and I’ll reply.


  • phantom1604 said:

    Is there any partial patch for Astral Air?

  • Anything worth mentioning about IroSekai progress?

    • akerou said:

      There is no progress at the moment. You can expect progress at the same pace as hoshimemo progress starting February though.

  • A cat said:

    Hello is been a year … i am still here XD from ur first post till now , by any chance when is koi saku full translation coming out ?

  • As always, appreciate the update!

  • lot less energy than before with this project

    Kind of depressing

    • akerou said:

      what do you mean? Fact is, we’re pouring a lot more energy and time into this than before.

  • phuongdtvd said:

    I know that this is already a long time ago ( havent checked for quite a while ), About you working with Sekai and stuffs and people complains about not having H-scenes or whatever , Im also with you with the fact that not having Hscene when reading the novel is much better , i literally skipped every H-scene possible so that the story would not be interrupted . So yeah good luck on your collabs with Sekai

  • Mutsakman1 said:

    I am aware that you may be unable to be specific but are you able to estimate when SakuSaku will be made available for purchase?

  • itastea said:

    Pretty random question, but what has the work load been like every day? Are you working on any other projects other than Hoshimemo RN? With progress on Hoshimemo being so quick, I hope you’re getting enough rest every night, ahah.

    • Chuee said:

      Nope nothing else is being worked on atm (unless you count the off and on stuff I do on astralair).

  • Off topic, but is it worth reading the side routes in IroHika?

  • Alchemicalhaze said:

    Congratulations on translating Hoshimemo, looking forward to seeing how different the official translation is from the fan translation!

  • MH said:

    i remember reading through the two routes 2 YEARS AGO

    I thought this VN would be done by now

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