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Sorry for the delay. In case I didn’t make it clear already, I will keep up the monthly updates. It just happened to let it drag on because I was busy…

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first. As things played out, we’ve taken over the Hoshimemo translation for Sekai Project. I was always silently crying whenever I thought of the existing fan translation, so it’s pretty awesome to have the chance to deliver a localized Hoshimemo version that doesn’t devalue the source material. I honestly don’t know what the prevailing view regarding the fan translation quality is among the community, but either way, let me tell those who asked themselves “Why Hoshimemo?” when SP announced it: it’s worth it. If you don’t believe it, you’ll be able to convince yourself of that once the game is officially released in the not-so-distant future.

Besides that, this also means we’re basically handling all Favorite titles starting with Hoshimemo, which allows us to also get some of the hidden “Easter eggs” right (e.g. back-references, or set phrases that cross-occur) resulting in a even more consistent experience when it comes to Favorite titles.

I’ve settled into a comfortable pace of ~300 lines a day, so as things stand, our current plan is to be done by the end of the year.

Alright, so let’s talk about IroSeka next; there has been some progress as well actually. I did around 3k lines before I started to work on Hoshimemo, and I’ll update the progress chart accordingly later. For the time being, I honestly don’t know whether I’ll get around to working on IroSeka. Hoshimemo work is full time (~8h a day) and at the moment, my brain is in no state to translate afterwards. Maybe things will change once I get more used to my current schedule. Either way, once our main focus shifts to IroSeka, you can expect us to get done with the whole thing in

Lastly, SakuSaku. Unfortunately, I don’t have any news to share with you since neither we nor SP have any right now. I know some probably anticipated some concrete new information regarding SakuSaku, and I’ll make sure to provide you with that information as soon as I can, so I’d like to ask for some more patience.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for this month; until next time.

p.s. Maybe it’s partly because of Fukuen Misato, but man, Tanaka is just 可愛いすぎる <3


  • komorebi. said:

    Asuho <3

  • Alcarran said:

    Well well well, I see someone finally picked up Irosekai. After following Tokidan for years only to have him quit at 80% completion I was pretty depressed about it. Looks like you’re doing fantastic work! Hope everything goes well, I’ll be looking forward to your releases!

  • Wew said:

    Eternal Heart better come with it mate

  • Sengen_Taisha said:

    I’m looking for some advice. I’ve recently just started on Hoshimemo… I was wondering if I should wait for SP’s translation before I continue. Thanks for any help/

    • Alcarran said:

      I’d say go for it. The hype train will be that much better once you’re addicted to Favorite’s games like the rest of us.

      PS Kosame best waifu

      • Sengen_Taisha said:

        Sorry, by go for it do you mean wait for SP’s translation? O.o

        • akerou said:

          Literally 90% of the lines are downright wrong. It offers a downgraded and very distorted experience. When I started working on Hoshimemo, I was checking the fan tl alongside out of curiosity and to see how different our version is and yeah… I’m not exaggerating.

  • Sengen_Taisha said:

    Ah, I see. Thank you very much for your replies. Think I’ll wait for SP’s translation, then.

    PS: I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that, but my Hoshimemo has a weird audio problem. The voices in the game sound pretty low quality. The BGM is totally fine though. The voices often have the kind of screeching noises (Like the kind of sound you get if you blast music on a low-quality speaker). It shouldn’t be the problem of my earpiece since it works fine with other VNs. Thanks a bunch for any advice in advance.

  • nah nah said:

    so, are you going to translate the Hoshimemoria fandisk? eternal heart

  • 2 Dolla SakuSaku said:

    I had a huge problem with Chinami in that her default character design has her arms raised into the air à la spirit bomb, or her arms stiffly pointing down at the ground à la Iron Man’s hand repulsor jets.

  • John said:

    Is there a chence that Eternal Heart will be released too ??

  • everest_25 said:

    These three words will be the bane of your existance

  • Anon20 said:

    No one’s gonna read Hoshimemo a 2nd time even if its ‘better translated’ lol waste of time imo

    • Anon-san said:

      HA! Tell that to Sekai and their money milking company and Steam. I think Steam is great for video games and other shit but IT IS NOT FOR VNs.

      • akerou said:

        It’s precisely because of steam that many people who never even knew of the existence of titles like hoshimemo get the chance to read them.

        I don’t see how steam is any different to PSN in that matter.

        • Anon-san said:

          HoshiMemo in butchered version…Yeah I would like to see that abomination.

          • Anon-san said:

            And selling the 18+ patch twice the amount of the butchered version is not a good idea at all

          • akerou said:


            you act as if the sexual content is the most important thing ever. actually, in story driven games like hoshimemo, the sexual content is of literally no importance whatsoever. heck, lack of h-content would even make things flow better. do you know how much % ALL h-scenes together make of the whole script? roughly 7% (there being 7 characters with h-scenes, go figure).

            to begin with, censoring only entails not *showing* explicit h-scenes; it’s not like the script is rewritten in a way they don’t exist.

            psn versions of many games like iroseka, aokana, ruitomo, tsukiyori and so on are generally better than their pc versions because the sexual scenes in games like those are nothing but “fan-service” that pointlessly disrupts the story’s flow. if you’re that much into sexual gratification, maybe you should instead read nukige titles that have been made for that very purpose.

        • Anon-san said:

          No I’m not saying the sexual content is the most important thing ever in a VN. Heck VNs that are originally all-ages are my favorite(Rewrite, Clannad, Higurashi, Umineko, etc.) I’m just questioning the money business about Sekai and Steam. Why separate the game in all-ages and 18+? In my perpective,(and many others) guys like SP and steam are all about the goddamn money and didn’t care about its buyers. I know this is all about business and whatnot but think about it. We have other publishers sell their products in a full game and still gain profits. You guys are great translating the games and I will always appreciate it but in my opinion, you guys should avoid SP and Steam in their money milking agenda.

          • akerou said:


            Supposing it really was only about “the money,” why does it bother you? At the end of the day, you can just get your uncensored versions of games while getting more titles translated than you’d ever get otherwise.

    • Alcarran said:

      Time spent enjoyed isn’t time wasted. If they love the game and want to see it properly done, then by all means they should do it.

    • akerou said:

      Pretty sure that people who loved the title would love to reread it. When I said the existing TL isn’t good, I was talking about putting 10% when it actually says 100% level bad. That should somewhat indicate how “accurate” that TL is.

      • fake said:

        “Fan TL is bad because now I’m making an official translation, and I need to shit on the fan TL so more people will buy the shitty version the company I’m working at will release. “

  • anon20 said:

    I finished Hoshimemo a couple months ago, I enjoyed it well enough but there’s no way I’m going to be rereading it. I was looking forward to Astral Air and IroSeka a lot, especially IroSeka but it seems both will face significant delays.

    Can you at least tell if there will be 18+ versions for those? and whether or not those verions will be delayed another ~6 months as well?

    • anon20 said:

      I just realized that for whatever fucked up reason someone else also decided to go with “anon20” and I didn’t notice, and is also complaining about reading the same thing twice, I can assure you there is no relation.

    • akerou said:

      Hoshimemo will be done very early Q1, so Iroseka won’t be delayed as long as you might be thinking.
      I don’t have a release schedule yet, so can’t say anything concrete regarding hoshimemo release dates.

  • blueskydreams79 said:

    Oh my gosh, you are working on 3 Favorite titles now! As a fan, I can’t tell you how awesome this is and I look forward to these games eventual releases and I pretty much got the hints that you have been giving regarding AstralAir and Iroseka. I really hope that Hoshimemo does well.

  • KainLegacy said:

    Working in 3 Vn`s? Aren´t you ambicious? Thanks for the all the hard work that you have done until now.

  • Don’t bother, everyone will just crackitty crack everything. You’ll lose more than what you’ll gain. It’s not too late to pull out, as that will just end everything. If you read this and still continue… well, I’ll just wish catastrophes on you.

    …This is directed to whatever localization company bought you guys by the way.

    • akerou said:

      yeah past releases have clearly shown that what you describe frequently happens… not. try and estimate how many copies you have to sell so that you start making profit and you should realize something.

  • MrAlpacaMan said:

    So, uh, I know it’s a bit late, but are we sill getting a September update? No rush, but its been mostly radio silence for a while. Are are you either waiting until the first Monday of next month to update or done perhaps done posting them here? Or maybe something completely different?

    • akerou said:

      I know I said I would continue doing monthly updates, but there was really just nothing to say at all this month except the hoshimemo progress you can also confirm on SP’s website (which is around 45% atm).

      • MrAlpacaMan said:

        Alright, thanks for your response. No rush on my end, it’ll be done when it’s done, I was just confused when there was no update. Also, for all the hate you’re getting, I’d like to let you guys know there are still those of us who support you and whatever decision you may make. If it gives us more VNs there really isn’t anything anyone should be complaining about.

  • Why so much hates on SP?
    I mean I don’t really get these ppl

    If they talking about originality, Why don’t they read the JP ver instead?
    If they talking about butchered steam ver, why bother to buy the steam ver instead of the R18 ver?
    If they talking about the high price for the R18 ver, why don’t they compare with the $90 JP ver on J-list?
    You want to show off your VN collection’s badge/BG/Emoticon on Steam so Your friends know that You have (supposed to be) Eroge?

    Oh, did I just stepped on a salty landmine?

    Sorry to be rude, but I’m not 100% agree about translation either Official of FanTL if they use some western slang for some common phrase because I got bad experience with it
    Say for example, I’ve played Go! Go! Nippon and there’s scene which the MC said “I have to hit the John” or such instead of “I have to go to the toilet”. When I read the JP text I realize that was a slang, not a literal translation
    Why I bother about this?, I’m Asian. (yeah, feel free to be racist, at least I don’t have a high demand of Eng TL)

    • 2 Dolla SakuSaku said:

      Well, for one, people like me who imported a Japanese copy with the promises that a fan translation would come out are going to have to shell out some more money to buy the official English release.
      For two, Sekai Project consistently butchers games by censoring, which would be fine if the 18+ version was released at the same time to buy it, but that is rarely ever the case. Case in point, the shit version Grisaia no Meikyuu was released in June, and the 18+ version has yet to be released.
      For three, their translations frequently blow. Though, hopefully that will become better now that they have Shinku working on some of their translations now. Not everyone can read Japanese like you apparently can, and getting a shitty translation for a game is just disappointing.
      For four, anyone (like me) who has been waiting for this game to be translated for a ridiculously long time now could have had a version that (and I quote) “most people would be satisfied with the result and hardly anyone would complain” way back in June. Unfortunately, Shinku had to sell out and push back the release to god knows when, next year probably.
      And finally, this one is directed at the Shinku guys instead of SP, they are straight up lying to our fucking faces AGAIN. Literally the second line on this update is “In case I didn’t make it clear already, I will keep up the monthly updates.” Saying that there is nothing to report 20 replys into August’s update is not a monthly update.

      Yeah, I would say I’m pretty damn salty. I don’t even know why I come to this website anymore, all I ever get from here is more disappointment.

      • Kabu said:

        That’s your fault for buying the japanese version before the patch was released.

      • akerou said:

        I can understand people being salty to some extent, but I’d like you to understand that pretty much no sane person on earth would turn down an offer to make a living off what they love doing. Many people only see the negative at the moment, but that will change once we work on *new* projects.

        With the time I’m currently putting into work, I’m more than 3x faster than before. Hoshimemo is already 50% done after a little more than 2 months.

      • Certain someone once said, “If You love something, love it to the fullest”
        so if You love things from JP, learn it’s Language, don’t rely on anyone
        if You’re too busy to learn JP, Love what makes You busy then
        don’t love things that You can’t spend your spare time into

        and about “Shinku had to sell out and push back the release”,
        if I recall it correctly, Shinku doesn’t request us any donation right?
        if so then, all the more reason to let him choose

  • Damiero said:

    So I see you stopped with the monthly updates and I’m going to assume that’s because you are not allowed to say anything or you havn’t been told anything. Regardless, I’m going to ask for your opinion here. Do you think there is any chance that this will be released this year? If not, how about 6 months? Were you expecting it to take this long for news/release when you made the deal with sekai?

    Thanks for any response.

    • Chuee said:

      No updates because there’s nothing to report as of now, like the earlier comment says. Also, official releases take longer because of various reasons. Even after translation is completed (and to my knowledge the translation work isn’t done on KoiSaku just yet) there’s usually a good amount of time before a release happens, or even just the date is announced. This is something that happens with basically all companies.

      • Zeross said:

        there could be update on hoshimemo as akerou said a post earlier this one is going fast…

  • Hikage255 said:

    so are you guys still translating Shinku i really hope so i saw it geting trans years ago and it got droped i pray you guys keep at it

    • akerou said:

      I’ll resume working on iroseka once i’m done with hoshimemo, which should be some time at the end of this year. If nothing goes wrong, it’ll take me ~5 months to finish up iroseka.

  • Astral Air is going to be licensed by sekai project?
    I hope that this don´t happen, at least if this novel is going to be licensed I hope that don´t be in the hands of Sekai project…
    I dislike them because they never thinks in the fans, they never support fan-translation with low status of work and they only ends up waiting for VN translation that reach the 100% of translation/QC to “licensed” them, I hate that they only take novels that are almost ready…
    Also I tried several times to contact them to make questions about their projects and if is possible get physical copy of games without funded in kickstarter but they always ends up ignoring…
    Well, I really glad about your team work and I wish the best regards to you.

    PS: Sorry, I have some difficulties to write a english text, I chilean and my native language is Spanish.

  • Hikage255 said:

    I pray sekai dosnt get any of FAVORITES games because by the looks on VNDB they clearly have more VN on there list than they can chew

    • fake said:

      They are already in a partnership with Favourite.
      And just read the “100%” Astral Air post, you will notice that they given us an excessively ambiguous (and long) estimate just before announcing that SakuSaku got devoured by SP. So you are not in luck, SP will barely progress with their translations, and even when they finish, it will be butchered to hell.

      • Hikage255 said:

        great one of my favorite company with great art is going to take about 20 years just to be released in English…. I would learn Japanese if i could hire a tutor if i had the money

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