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Okay, here is the update for this month. Just so you know, I’ll probably settle with making these update posts on the first Monday of a each new month. Anyways, there isn’t really much to say this month, to be frank.

First of all, we have SakuSaku. Click here to see the chart.

Koi ga Saku koro sakura doki VNDB

Translated Edited TLC QC
Common 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 8127/8127 (100%) 0/8127 (0%)
Tina 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 8515/8515 (100%) 0/8515 (0%)
Konami 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 7866/7866 (100%) 0/7866 (0%)
Ann 8884/8884 (100%) 8884/8884 (100%) 0/8884 (0%) 0/8884 (0%)
Yuri 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 8967/8967 (100%) 0/8967 (0%)
Mio 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 6898/6898 (100%) 0/6898 (0%)
Total 49257/49257 (100%) 49257/49257 (100%) 40373/49257 (82%) 0/49257 (0%)
Konami’s route held me up longer than I thought it would, so I didn’t get done with all routes, unfortunately. As you can see, there is only Ann’s route left to TLC. After that, we’ll immediately start the QC process, plus getting some technical stuff out of the way. Come next update, I should be able to give an ETA for the patch.

Next up, IroSkea. Click here to see the chart.

Irotoridori no Sekai VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 4301/16150 (27%) 4301/16150 (27%) 0/16150 (0%)
Mio 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%) 0/7608 (0%)
Tsukasa 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%) 0/3395 (0%)
Kyou 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%) 0/4072 (0%)
Kana 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%) 0/10029 (0%)
Shinku 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%) 0/9409 (0%)
Total 4301/50663 (8%) 4301/50663 (8%) 0/50663 (0%)
I only did Chapter 3 last month, reason being I didn’t pull 8-10h days like the month before since I was also reading through some VNs on my backlog. There were also some technical difficulties I had to tackle, which used up several days. For one, we used to have a line limit of ~185 characters and up until chapter 3, we managed with that limit. However, chapter 3 has a major info dump with very longish explanations and it turned out to be impossible to truncate lines so that they’d fit without cutting out chunks of information, which is obviously out of the question. Long story short, I managed to get a 4th line in the text box through v-spacing modifications and image editing of the text box and other minor shit, which allows us to use 253 chars now, phew.

Other than that, there was – or is – a chapter selection bug that needed fixing. Seriously, fvp is such a damn unstable engine I have no clue why Favorite isn’t using Kirikiri/Siglus/BGI like almost everyone else; their engine is a freaking mess. It’s like a tower built out of toy blocks and you have to pull out, add, or change blocks while making sure that the tower doesn’t collapse. And I’m telling you, it collapses more often than not… At any rate, for the time being the technical stuff is sorted out.

Chuee’s Update

Click here to see the chart.

AstralAir no Shiroki Towa VNDB

Translated Edited QC
Common 9701/9701 (100%) 9701/9701 (100%) 0/9701 (0%)
Ochiba 12812/12812 (100%) 12812/12812 (100%) 0/12812 (0%)
Ichika 7983/7983 (100%) 7983/7983 (100%) 0/7983 (0%)
Kotori 8548/8548 (100%) 8548/8548 (100%) 0/8548 (0%)
Rinne 7516/7516 (100%) 7516/7516 ( 100%) 0/7516 ( 0%)
Corona 0/7870 (0%) 0/7870 (0%) 0/7870 (0%)
Yuuki 646/10450 (6.18%) 646/10450 (6.18%) 0/10450 (0%)
Total 47203/64880 (72.75%) 47203/64880 (72.75%) 0/64880 (0%)

Ohallo Gozaimasu. Not much progress has really happened in the past month (truth be told I don’t even remember what number it was at last month), besides Rinne’s route being completed. Translation slowed for a bit during her second h-scene that occurs about 500 lines before the end of the route, including her epilogue (though I will say the scene in and of itself is a little, uh, interesting). Looking ahead, that means there’s only Corona the wakuwaku space robot and Yuuki to do. A portion of what the game script lists as Yuuki’s route is already done, though her route is technically only around 9,700 lines. Similar to Hoshizora no Memoria, each time you complete a route, a scene is added to the common route, which is where those translated lines come from. This month I suppose I’ll post the same SD image I did last Friday, which is an image that perfectly sums up the relationship between Rinne and Riku (or rather, the way Rinne imagines it).


Until next month~


  • Yautja said:

    That %1000 percent TLC though. Anyways, thanks for the update, and as always for your hard word.

  • NeoAnkara said:

    I would like to tell you that the site look horible on mobile phone.

    Otherwise I’m gonna wait for Ann sempai a little longer.

    • akerou said:

      looks just fine on mine, it’s just that the tables aren’t displayed correctly atm

  • Shaniel said:

    Thanks for the update and of course, the hard work. I love the commitment and devotion you people have for the VN translations. Many other “TL-groups” could learn a thing or 2 from you =]

    • ivo911 said:

      yeah other teams really could learn from Shinku translation team ^.^ You guys work pretty fast.haha i am checking on your progress often >.>
      Can’t wait for saku saku xD

  • just a normal person said:

    reason being I didn’t pull 8-10h days like the month before …. you pulled 8-10h a day before holy s*** that passion for translating though . All the best to you

  • Maou said:

    Thank you, you guys are spectacular!
    Can’t wait to replay Konami’s route.

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